Shopping your own wardrobe and/or really sticking to a budget?

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    Hello Ladies, after I read a lot of stories about women who managed or tried to manage not to shop for a certain period of time, I was wondering if any of you guys have done it as well or would be interested to? I'm not sure if I could, but it would be worth the effort, coming up with a lot of different looks out of my own wardrobe and setting up a budget and sticking to it, which I have never tried before... Wouldn't it be fun to try it out? I would love to see your pics with different outfits made with items you already own. Hear about your ideas and sometimes your struggles to keep it chic and comfortable without adding anything to your closet. Also, I would like to know how you go after clothes, bags, shoes you REALLY want, while living on a budget. - if there already is a thread like this, please let me know. If not, care to join this one?
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  2. I'll start with what I'm wearing - which is totally boring.. Just a Saturday afternoon at home doing laundry.
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  3. I've been practicing the "stick to budget" for about three years now. It happened after one year I decided I spent way too much and way too much time shopping (I moved downtown and had access to really great shops). After reviewing my expenses for the year I said no more, I had to get things under control. The first year I slashed my budget by 50% and came pretty close. Spent about 65% of the previous year. In 2014 I was pregnant so a good chunk of my small budget went to maternity clothes but I still picked up things here and there to keep me motivated to get back to pre pregnancy shape. It's been almost five months since my son was born, I fit in 95% of my wardrobe so my 2014 purchases was not a waste! Currently my 2015 budget is $800 for the year. That includes bags! I've gotten to the point where i don't really need anymore bags to my collection so I'm not too concerned. I'm still learning to use the style book app. It's pretty neat! I like being able to see everything I own right in front of me and it reminds me I can pull clothes together in different combinations!
  4. Wow that's cool! Fitting into your old clothes after just 5 months. Congratulations and of course also to having a baby! 800 $ doesn't seem like much. I also use the style book app - thanks to Mimmy and friends here on TPF. Haven't documented everything, but will try to do so. I would love to see how you wear your outfits and how you dress on a budget! Thank you!
  5. It will be tough. I've never gone below $1 grand before. That's part of the challenge. If I don't manage it this year I'll attempt it again next year. My wardrobe is at the point where I'm either replacing or upgrading to nicer fabrics. I try to avoid polyester and look for more natural fabrics, the brand doesn't really sway my buying decisions. It also helps that I know simple tailoring skills. Don't have much time to do it now since I have a small child to watch but knowing how to sew is useful! So far this is the only outfit I've pulled together using the app. I haven't done much else.

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  6. Great pictures, great look I'd say. How do you manage to keep the pants clean?;) small kids, you know...
  7. While I own everything in the picture I posted I haven't worn them together yet. I'm using the stylebook app to try out new outfits. My son isn't crawling yet so he can't get into too much dirt. My white jeans may have to be put away for a few years once he starts moving :sad: that's why I'm considering getting grey jeans, they may cover stains better. Or red... I've been slow to adapt to coloured denim.
  8. My new year's resolution was to only buy 5 items a season, so I really have to work with what I have. I really tried to avoid the sales, but I've already bought 5 items :shucks:

    What's helping me now is googling "capsule wardrobe" and seeing how other people work with what they have, and trying to create a foundation of good quality, basic peices so I don't run out of ideas.
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  9. What app are you using here?
  10. Same here. I bought so many red and blue and green trousers, even yellow ones a few years ago and I hardly ever wear them. My butt and thighs are quite heavy, so I always go back to my trusted well fitting blue jeans and the comfortable black Ann Taylor trousers I picked up in the States 3 years ago. But I do play with my colored pants and sometimes even wear them. Like in this outfit:
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  11. Hi goyardlove, 5 items sounds really ambitious to me. Does that include shoes? How did you come up with the number? I like your research idea with the capsule wardrobe. Btw I'm using the style book app. Mimmy and bakeacookie in this forum inspired me and their threads are really a lot of fun.
  12. Can't go wrong with red and gray, red and black, red and camel, etc.! I remember when colored denim first showed up in stores 5 years ago and I said to myself it wouldn't last... I was wrong, ha! I have a pair of green trousers that I bought on a whim but don't wear much. I should try to make some outfits with it. If you wear longer, flowy tops, that might help with the silhouette of the colored bottoms (I assume they are slim fitting?). Although yellow is tricky...I like yellow as a top but not so much a bottom.
  13. This is another look I put together, inspired by Wendy's look book. She's so adorable. Haven't tried it out. I can't quite see myself wearing a huge warm shawl on top and little heels on the bottom... But you're right, you can't go wrong with red and black :smile:
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  14. 5 items was very ambitious haha! I'm probably going to be more lenient with myself and maybe increase it to 10 items? And yes, I've been including shoes so far (I only bought one pair, though).
  15. I also try and stick within a colour palette, but that's just more true to my style. I've never really been crazy about prints or bright colours, apart from red I guess. And I only buy things when I really, really want them. No when "I may as well".