Shopping with the gals...SF Opening PICS!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    Today I went to the grand opening of the SF LV in Union square...and it was great! here are some pics of the days events or at least what I was able to capture. For those of you who don't know, for the past several months the boutique was cramped up in a tiny little basement and now they have expanded it to a multi-level store complete with a luggage section, men RTW and shoes, womens RTW and shoes, a separate speedy section, jewelry section, lots of couches and lounges, and even a baby wear section! the architechture, the set up, the lighting was truely was a work of art that no words can have to see it to appreciate the beauty of the new store! btw, I have never seen so many ladies in my life carry around squishy, the steven sprouse bag...etc...every other woman I saw had a limited bag! I was carrying my good old Croissant GM which I love to

    Here are some pics!

    View from the outside

    a blurry pic of the luggage section
    outside displays
    the cruise line...which happened to be available for purchase TODAY! I fell in love with this is so much better IRL!!!!!
    vintage trunks

    more to follow........
  2. view from the upstairs jewelry room...sooooo pretty and elegant!
    mini icons!
  3. Wow, it looks great!!!! Glad you had fun!! :yahoo:
  4. wow great pics! maybe i'll go tomorrow... i haven't been there in a while!
  5. just to add more info...

    there were a lot more limited items that will only be on display for the next week before they get sent off ot paris...

    I saw a black croc alma, brown croc speedy...and a lot more croc items...they had a "san francisco" watch that was encrusted with sa said it was over 40k and only 6 of them were ever made..

    here is a pic of the i love you art piece..
  6. extremely great pics Jamie! thanks for taking the time to take them and to share them with us :love:
  7. hahhah took you long enough to post them! i kept refreshing the page. i was going to make a post with the new pics if you didn't do it within the hour. i knew you wouldn't let me down. =D ahhh yes the cruise line beautiful. omg, we should have taken the picture of the limited edition watch. i can't believe there's only 6 in the world. and sheesh costing as much as a car. I think there was a thread with the picture of it somewhere.
  8. Thanks so much for the great pictures...I was asked to attend, but as I'm 3000 miles's not possible. I imagine a few people did fly in, but that wouldn't have been an option...LOL. I am not a jetsetter, just an occasional customer and not a big one at that. I am LV on a budget...that is my real life. I understand that tons of VIPs of LV Paris were there. I hope to see it IRL someday...
  9. I'm sure michelle is out having a blast...the place looked amazing at night, there were djs and I believe a bunch of press and media as well!!!

    oh and if ladies get the chance...visit the store this week to see all the limited goodies before they get sent off to paris!!! i swear they had every LV item sa said it is now considered a "mason" supposedly there is only one other maison which is on champ elysee in paris! we are the biggest in north america!!
  10. Thanks for the great pics!:drool: I'm tempted to sneak over there soon.
  11. Thanks so much for the pics! I can't wait to go and see it.
  12. Oo:huh:O..Thanks so much for the pix and letting us live vicariously through u! Glad to hear that u had a great time too! Did I also hear "a special speedy section"??! How cool is that (well, for me it is..'cos our LV's just blah)!?!
  13. Thanks for taking the time to post photos. I LOVE the nomade mini icons:love: Did you try on any of the cruise bags? I love the squichy too...GREAT photos:love:
  14. wowzer!!!!!!!!great pics! i love the cruise line too
  15. I'm glad you had fun and thanks for taking pictures! Can't wait to go home and see it on Thanksgiving break!