Shopping with a Birkin at Hermes

  1. Geez, Louise! It happened again.

    It seems like everytime I go shopping at Hermes with a Birkin, the other customers act like my bag is part of the store display and ask to see and touch my bag. :push: Then they get offended when I say "no". Sorry, but I dont want strangers handling my bag and I am under no obligation to let them touch it. It's not for sale.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Am I over-reacting? How would you react in such a situation? :confused1:
  2. I have gotten that even with other kinds of bags. Depending on my mood and the look of the people who ask, sometimes I'm more receptive than others. I try to take it as flattering but I know what you mean, you dont want a bunch of sticky fingered strangers pawing on your baby. I feel the same way about my dog too (no you cant pet her).
  3. I've never had that happen with a Birkin but I have with my Picotin GM! People are so strange sometimes. I would NEVER do such a thing!
  4. I don't own any H bags just yet, but I don't think I'd be upset if someone approached me in a friendly (not freaky) manner. Of course the people approaching you to fondle your bag should also keep in mind good manners and personal space. I've complimented ladies on their bags many times and have been horribly shunned several of them even though I was genuinely interested in looking at such a beauty upclose. This made me feel awful because I was trying to be as respectful as possible. Keep in mind there might be people out there with a real appreciation for H and not just trying to see if it's real or steal it from you. Because that's how being shunned kinda made me feel like! Not saying you mean to, just my two cents.
  5. I don't have a problem with looking but the touching is too much, IMO.
  6. I'm more likely to agree to ladies checking out my bag. It's not like they will run away with it. The stores all have surveillance cameras, and the main door is always shut. And in most cases, there is the doorman.
  7. You are right to say no touching.
  8. Of course, I do not want to shun anyone or be mean. But the point is that I was in a H-store where we were SURROUNDED by various H-bags, any of which that person could have asked to see and touch.

    In terms of personal space, having a person ask to touch my bag is a little too much for me. Of course, they can look all they want and I wouldnt care if they stare at it hard. But having a stranger, no matter how friendly or personable, asking to touch my bag when I am trying to shop myself is, again, too much.
  9. I was in the NYC store once with my gorgeous birkin and nobody looked at me.... :crybaby: no kidding... maybe you look gorgeous yourself too? I did see a woman walking with the same birkin as I had and was admiring her as she walked so smootly like a mannequin...
  10. Once I was shopping at H with a friend and we both had our birkins on the table. A lady came by and started touching my friend's bags. I kindly told her that it's not part of the inventory and it belongs to my friend (I was trying to tell her not to touch it tactfully).

    She than reply with a snoby attitude "I know it's your friend's" and continues to touch it and was saying that she have one coming in ostrich. I was so :cursing: someone molested my friend's bag and gave us attitude about it after.
  11. Is yours the only Birkin in the store, though?

    It's the Birkin that intrigues most women and draw them to the store.

    If I were in your shoes, I will. I take it as a compliment, and a little step in helpin these women decide.

    At the time when the Victoria FT was really new, a VVIP of my store allowed me to see her bag (my manager handled it though) and in return, she checked out my Lindy (I was one of the early birds). Quid Pro Quo. We're all Hermes fans. It's nice to be friendly.
  12. The thought that they would run away with it never crossed my mind. It's just . . . troubling to me for some reason.
  13. hehehe. Pretty much every customer is carrying a H-bag when I go shopping at the NYC store so dont feel bad.;) The SAs there are especially blase.
  14. well technically, Claude had several birkins by him as usual but I dont think there was one for sale.

    The chick today who asked to see my bag just came up to me and asked point blank "can I see your bag?". No easing into it or anything. And she wasnt really shopping for bags that I saw. We were both there for about 30 minutes
  15. I was at a restaurant and went to the ladies room left my handbag on a chair with DH only to come back to find the waitress with my Kelly on her arm.