Shopping "victoriously"

  1. Hi everyone. Haven't posted in a while. Hope all is well.
    So, i've been holding out for a black w/ gold CDC cuff for many, many months.
    Last time poupi had one i was outbid last minute by another tpfer who got the mint condition vintage cuff for less than retail.
    then, i see glory of all glory that poupi had ANOTHER one months later and so here i promised myself i wouldnt wimp out. but the catch with shopping "victoriously" here is this:
    i am up against some newbie with ZERO feedback who took the bidding to over DOUBLE the retail price for this vintage CDC cuff:cursing::cursing:
    paying $2,000 plus dollars- CRAZY or NORMAL????
    it's not exotic skin
    and i'm up against either a very big H fan who only signed up for eBay to get THIS CUFF
    this person is an A:cursing::cursing:HOLE and is shilling the bidding.
    Experience? Thoughts? Advice?
  2. could be a b or c) a newbie who doesnt know the retail of a cdc cuff.

    personally i say let them have it. another will come along at a far more reasonable price. have you called stores looking for one?
  3. Hi Croissant!!! Great to hear from you again!
  4. Hi Croissant. Let them have it. Just keep calling the boutique and you will get a brand new one at a much more reasonable cost. Paying twice over retail on this is crazy.
  5. have i called? How about i called the entire united states- twice!! (once after i lost the first time, again just today when i realized my paltry bid of $1960 for this cuff just wouldnt cut it!!):cursing::wtf:

    so, yeah, i've called. etoupe suede and blue jean with pall hardware does not a black with godl cuff make. :sad:
  6. im mad at poupi :sad: haha:crybaby:
  7. Try posting a WTB? Sorry about this - how frustrating!
  8. ^^Put your name on the waitlist. I got a matte alligator one in about 2 or 3 months' time. They do get them, the stores have ordered a lot from what I hear, but there is already a waitlist for them.
  9. oh, ok... sorry.

  10. HI ROSE!! HI HG!! :nuts:

    I did. I put my name on the waitlist all over the country. i said exotic skin would be awesome too. i've been waiting since June. they are bone dry right now. :crybaby:
  11. no need to apaologize, im hyper and crazy right now. tearing my hair out. not directed at you- all the anger in the world is directed at this zero feedback newbie right now.
  12. Hang in there. It will come to you. It will.
  13. Let them have it. There's a good chance that you might get it with a second chance offer from poupi. I don't thin shill bidding is at work here (as I don't think poupi would engage in this practice) but rather someone who is just bidding for the heck of it but won't pay. Good luck! If this one doesn't work out, there will be another one.
  14. ^^^I suspect hello may be right. It could be some looneytoon who doesn't intend to pay. Is this bidder bidding on other stuff as well?
  15. ^^ yes, according to what i see when i click on their name. they are a brand new eBay memeber, bidding on 4 different Hermes items. zero feedback. i dont think poupi is shilling the bidding either, i mean shilling as in the eBay member is purposely trying to skyrocket the bidding amounts.
    actually, something very INTERESTING to add to this story. could be a coincidence. could not.
    around the same time that poupi listed the black/gold cuff, another ebay member (someone with about 100 feedbacks) listed a black gold cuff for a BIN of $1,799.00 they smeared poupi in their description by stating that their cuff is "BRAND NEW NOT VINTAGE, NOT FROM THE 80S" sort of poking fun at poupi i guess.
    so i emailed them asking if they were willing to take an offer and they never got back to me (which im glad about as i trust poupi). also, in my email i said "if this cuff is so hard to find- how did you come to buy it just last week??!!" (in their listing they stated that a blackw/ gold cdc cuff is so hard to find but yet they bought it brand new from hermes just last week during a severe H drought?)
    are you thinking what im thinking or am i being paranoid? :wtf: