Shopping trip!!!

  1. Okay, I'm VERY VERY tired at the moment...

    Went for a big shopping spree!!

    Bought 2 pairs of shoes, some baby clothings, facial wash, Japanese catalogue book for luxury brands and of course.................. something from Louis Vuitton!!!

    Will post picture once I get them uploaded into the comp!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Congrats!!i wanna see the pics
  3. oh, can't wait, congrats!!
  4. Oooh Pics, Pics!!!
  5. As exhausting a day like that is... I lOVE it! Can't wait to see pics!
  6. What did you get from LV?
  7. Let's see. I am in awe of your puchases in April, can't wait to see what May brings.
  8. Nothing big today...

    Haha. But I love it!!!

    :heart: :yes:

    *Pardon my lousy photos... Taken with my phone...*

    There's actually more than this...

    I bought some stuffs for fellow tPF members....

    So I cant put them into the photos!!!

    Lol~~ bought a big lot of storybooks to last me for a while too...
    12052007793.jpg 12052007794.jpg 12052007795.jpg 12052007796.jpg 12052007797.jpg
  9. And last but not least..............

    My Vuitton!!!

    My beloved charm!!!
    12052007798.jpg 12052007799.jpg 12052007800.jpg
  10. :yahoo::yahoo:i love your shoes!
  11. Great haul, congrats!
  12. love the shoes!!!!!
  13. Love the shoes and a really cute charm!
  14. Great new purchases! Congrats!
  15. wow....

    Congrats on you new purchase!!