Shopping tote


Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
I don’t have it but I tried it on in store.
It’s a very comfy bag, molds to the body.
I especially like it when the corners are cinched in with the chain.

Definitely a casual chic cool girl vibe. Looking good without trying hard.:coolio:

Though I’d prefer it without such a big logo, but I guess one could always flip the bag around to the other side.


Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
Logo is big yes. Same with my chanel 22.
sell the chanel for the ysl?
I'm not sure about selling one for the other but I can point out pros and cons of the Chanel (that stand out to me) that may help you make a decision.

- It's Chanel, it's a "higher status" so to speak, more of a flex but also probably better resale value down the line (though we shall see how well this bag does over time, if it does become a classic, then it will hold its value better)
- smaller-ish logo (if that's what you prefer)
- In some ways it is more compact than the YSL bag. Depends on your height and frame of course but the YSL bag (without cinching in the sides) can look a bit large and overwhelming. However, the Chanel bag does appear smaller and can more easily fold in when you are carrying it.

- Depending on how much you put into the Chanel bag, it can get pretty heavy and I can imagine the chain straps digging into my shoulder
- I personally find drawstring bags a pain to open and close, and I feel that constantly pulling a chain through leather can wear the leather down (depending on how often I will use it)
- costs more than the YSL

Hope that helps! Good luck!
Mar 1, 2011
I’m keeping both. Lol. FASHIONPHILE offered me so low so I’m not selling.
awesome! The ysl is just so unique and cool I feel like. I normally am not a ysl girl but this bag did me in..but I also like big logos! I just see getting so much use out of both! Congrats on both btw


Nov 12, 2018
I just discovered this bag and am also thinking about this vs the Chanel 22…
Any thoughts so far from the owners?

lol I will be using to put kids drink bottles and snacks in etc so may get heavy and am liking this shoulder strap/handle over Chanel chains….