Shopping Tote Size Dilema for Everyday Bag

  1. I just Joined TPF and here is my little handbag dilema: I am debating which bag to purchase for my very first chane and I love the timeless caviar quilted bags, I think they are so classic and elegant but I can't decide between the Grand Shopping Tote and the Petite Shopping Tote (with the zippered closure). I want a bag that I can use everyday. I am 24 and still in school so I would just be using it around town, to classes and at night. I love the size of the Small Tote(with the zippered top + much less expensive) but I want some type of top closure so I have ruled that one out.The GST has the whole middle compartment is zippered which I like but I am wondering if its too large for me as an everyday bag to be using in the evenings as well. I am only 4 11" and petite so I'm not sure if the bag would look too bulky on me. The Petite Shopper Tote has a shorter chain that is right under the arm and might not work well over a winter coat(I'm in CT) but I don't mind holding it on my arm but like the option og putting it on the shoulder. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  2. I'd say a grand shopping tote is nice. I did fall for it too.. Not until I knew that the weight of the GST is too heavy for me..
  3. 4'11 is pretty small... I do love big bags though! Have you tried them on? I think either one would be good, but that's no help haha. Get the PST if you are concerned with the size. It's pretty cheap for a Chanel bag, so that's a definite plus!
  4. I tried them both on and can't decide. The Petit Shopping Tote im considering(the one with the zippered top and gold balls that protect the bottom) is just like $100 less then the GST which is $1895. The Small Shopping Tote(with the open top) is pretty inexpensive for a chanel bag at $1250. I am wondering how the leather edges on the Petit Shopper wear since they stick out on te sides past the zipper? Does this bother anyone? This bag around $1750 now. Thanks for the advice!!