Shopping tote - Pale rose or Dark blush?

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  1. I decided to treat myself to a shopping tote after my article got accepted for publication....but cannot decide on the color - pale rose or dark blush....

    Does anyone have seen these colors in person? Does anyone have the actual bag that you can share a mod shot or picture? :smile:
  2. I'm in the same dilemma! Can't decide between both colors.
  3. 45286648GK_14_r.jpg 45307397NE_14_r.jpg

    That is the two colors I mentioned (Top: pale rose) (Bottom: dark blush). I ended up getting the dark blush as it is going to be my workbag, and I remember my male boss once commented on my pink longchamp "a pink bag!", a dark blush may be more appropriate. :P

    Let me take the picture under nature light on the weekend and show you!

    What colors are you thinking?
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