shopping to relieve stress, what about u?

  1. I don't know if everyone do shopping for the same reason. I shop to relief stress,, I’ve been told to stop doing that, but I can’t, only “retail therapy” will help me out. What does shopping means to everyone here?
  2. Everytime I get really really mad I always end up thinking about shopping and I usually go blow all my money the next day :sad: I know it's bad... but it makes me feel better :p
  3. My shopping rarely involves buying anything. I just like to look :biggrin:
  4. Shopping(especially LV) is my way to relieve stress, I think I need some fix soon though, all the school works have been driving my crazy.....
  5. For fun and because I need "stuff".
  6. dittoo! shopping for anything will help me relieve stress...most particularly if it's Gucci or LV.
  7. Shopping at LV feeds my addiction. :p
  8. I look. I can't afford to blow my money on retail, and I don't.
  9. How funny you brought this up because yesterday I was feeling stressed out and bought a LV Red Epi Speedy 25, Ivoire Epi Cles, and monogram groom cles. I feel so much better. :girlsigh:
  10. I shop to relieve stress all the time ...its not recommended but whatever its never extravagant amounts and it makes me feel better so yeah
  11. I love retail therapy :smile: it works for me
  12. ummm... I sleep to relieve stress lol... Shopping is like a "reward" for me and I don't want to associate it to anything negative.
  13. Yes unfortunately I do that a lot!
  14. i usually shop as a treat to myself. sine my birthday is coming up, i am going to treat myself to something nice =) and since i took all my midterms, i treated myself to a marc jacobs haha
  15. Retail therapy is better than sex...ummm..sometimes...ROFLMAO.................