Shopping Sub Forum rules and Special Order Guidelines

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Sep 30, 2007
The shopping subforum is for:
Posting inventories at various stores
Posting SALES
Posting Sample Sale/Trunk Show information
Posting Special ORDER requests

**VERY IMPORTANT- No promotion of your own website, store, products, etc...**

Please don't promote your own sale listings. If your ebay auction is talked about negatively, you may defend it, BUT you MUST obtain a Mod's approval first.

ABSOLUTELY NO BUYING OR SELLING. This includes no asking via PM or in a thread. If you see this happening, please report it. Anyone found to do this will possibly be banned permanently without warning. Also, no boutique owners may promote their store here without permission from Megs/Vlad. The admins reserve the right to permanently ban your ID if we have found you are promoting yourself "undercover"
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Sep 30, 2007
Important Information on Special Orders:

What are Special Orders:

Special Orders are custom orders that RM LLC makes on the request of tPF'ers. This can be bags that are no longer in production, new bags that are sold out, or just a custom bag created by us

Who Handles Special Orders:

Special order requests/questions etc are handled by Kelsey. She is RM Team here on the forum. If there is a question about a specific special order not answered in this thread, or in your SO thread, you can PM Kelsey.

Special Order Requirements:

RM requires 12 orders for a Special Order. All bags will be made in the NYC factory.

**Note: ALL 12 bags have to be the same style and have the same specifications for the order to go thru. Meaning, all girls must agree on the specs, hardware, lining, etc.

Special Order Process:

BEFORE starting a special order thread please PM RM Team (Kelsey) to first find out:
-Style is possible
-Leather is available

Once you get the greenlight from Kelsey that your SO request is possible then you may start a thread on tPF to see who else would be interested to join.

**Please note, any SO's that are started without a greenlight from Kelsey WILL BE CLOSED. This is to prevent disappoint of materials not being available and to keep the forum organized**

Please follow this format when starting an SO thread:

Title: Special Order: Style, Color with Hardware (for example: Special Order: MAM in Black w/ Silver hardware)

First Post: Kelsey has approved the request for this SO. This SO requires 12 to be filled, and the specs are as follows: (include style, hardware, lining, etc)

Once the SO is filled with the required amount of people, all participants must agree on final specs. Once everything is agreed upon, then you would email your payment information to Kelsey. Please include:

-Your name and tPF name
-Billing address
-Shipping address
-Phone Number
-Credit Card type, CC Number, and 3 digit security code
-Name & Specs of special order you are participating in

Once you have sent Kelsey your payment information, please update the SO list stating (Payment info sent to Kelsey) or (Kelsey has info on file) next to your name.

Once everyone has submitted payment information, Kelsey will charge your CC's and send out receipts. Once all users have received their receipt one of the Mods will update your special order status to being **IN PRODUCTION**. Once a SO is in production, no more orders can be added. At this point, you can email Kelsey to see if any spots are still open to be added, or you can ask Kelsey if there is enough leather/materials available to start a 2nd round of the same SO.

Costs/Pricing Policy of a Special Order:

Special orders are usually full retail price which can vary depending on style. To participate in a special order, you must pay a 30% deposit which is charged upfront once the minimum requirements have been met. The remaining 70% is charged once your SO is completed and ready to be shipped.

How long will my SO take?:

The special order turnaround is usually 12-14 weeks from once your order is in production. Your order goes into production after everyone has been charged and the specifications are handed over to RM's production team (usually 1-2 weeks). Please note that RM does not provide updates along the way. You will be informed when your SO goes into production, and you will again be informed once your SO is completed and ready to be shipped.

Once your SO is ready to be shipped, you will be charged the remaining 70% and should receive tracking information from Nicole or another rep from RM. All shipping is done via UPS. Once everyone has received their SO, a Mod will update the title of the SO from **IN PRODUCTION** to **COMPLETED** and will close the thread. If for any reason the thread needs to be reopened, you can PM a mod.

Shipping costs: FREE for domestic orders, $80 for international orders

Thats pretty much it! Keep in mind, these are special bags just for us! Love and enjoy them!
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