Shopping Style Anywhere??

  1. Has anyone seen the retired Shopping Style anywhere? I'm dying to get one for a diaper bag!!!
  2. There's a couple on *bay right now. I think one is an Ink?
  3. I'll have to check again...yesterday when I checked eBay and there was only a white one.
  4. diabro has one i think. :smile:

  5. Thank you! Baby is due in March:smile: I will check Diabro...I checked yesterday and didn't see one.
  6. I saw a pretty greige shopping at a Saks trunkshow a few weeks ago... couldn't believe it was still around! Maybe call a Saks that sells bbags and have them hunt it down for you? Congratulations and good luck!
  7. Diabro doesn't have it :sad:
  8. Thanks so much for the info! I'm a little worried though at Griege might be too light:sad:
  9. oh no, sorry!! i thought i saw it there but i guess it was a while ago.. did you try all the neiman marcuses? they usually have a ton of stock in the back room. tyson's galleria had a ridiculous amount of bbags in storage!
    good luck!! sorry i couldn't be of more help.
  10. Balenciaga NY still has this style available.
    Also, I believe Barneys NY still has a couple.
    Good luck! and Congrats!
  11. Thank you, All for your replies!! I found a beautiful Ink Shopping this week!