Shopping Spree!

  1. Hi all, *waves* :shame:

    I am planning a shopping spree for the Fall/Winter season in October. I am not a rich girl so I was going to spend no more than $800-$1,000, since it's all I can pretty much spend at this point.

    However, I want to get some nice stuff.. some staples, classic pieces and some trendy pieces to update my wardrobe. What are your suggestions as far as what I should definitely add to my list, and what I should pass on?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice as I want to stretch my funds as much as possible. Since I already bought my fall handbag which i adore (Botkier Bianca Medium Satchel in Toffee) and a fall leather bomber jacket, all I am looking to purchase is apparel & shoes.

    I'm 5'9, 120lbs if that helps figuring out what will be most flattering also. Thanks fellow handbag addicts =) ;)
  2. I'm not good on fashion advice, but I see a lot of skinny jeans and pants. With your height and weight, they would look great on you--in fact, anything will look good on you! I'm green with envy!
  3. I absolutely love ZARA for basics such as nice shirts and blouses (both in white are great staples and always look good, I find), suitpants(very flattering, comfy and cute- love them in any warm color),blazers (really nice with jeans and suitpans), suits (always a good investment), vests/pullovers (winter is coming-I would go with colours such as black, blue, beige, grey,green-anything that is easily combineable) coats etc. I find jeans from Miss Sixty to fit me the best and jeans can easily be dressed up or down-always a good investment.I also love heels from Nine West (black, brown and cream look great)- I usually save the rest of my money for designer handbags, wallets, scarfs and sunnies.Have fun shopping!:yes:
  4. Great a great coat and start from there. Most people only see your coat in the winter. I like fitted wool coats. You'll need a pair of boots. I'd say stick to a classic knee length black leather pointy toe stiletto boot. Very chic!

    I also like cashmere sweaters. I don't know what your style is. If you are more preppy, cable knit ones in bright colors are always staples.

    Check out H&M for trendy inexpensive pieces.
  5. Thanks for the advice boxer mom, I will add to my list =)
  6. Thanks Marie G, i would have never thought of Zara, never shopped there before. But i will definitely add it to my list, and I completely agree with Miss Sixty, their jeans fit amazing. Although I am fixated on this pair of true religion =)
  7. Cashmere sweaters, check, the coat i am shopping for a little later since right now i just want to get apparel and shoes, since i definitely want to invest in a good coat. Thanks Sonya!
  8. I would say go for a pair of ankle boots, they seem to be hot for fall, and they'd look great with those skinny jeans.
  9. Clunky textured knitwear is big this fall. Sweater wraps, sweater dresses and tunics are also trendy right now.
  10. For fall I noiced that tweeds, old fashioned florals and anything with leather detail in popular. Also, royal blue is the color of the season and anything you can get your hands on that is embellished. Have fun!:yes:
  11. yeah i would get a tunic like sweater, and a wrap around sweater, and a waist belt because thats really hot right now, not to mention a very polishing and flattering look. you sound willowy, so i would invest in some ankle and knee boots, pointed heels, flats, something patent. skinnys, trouser, and another flattering cut. I would get one nice pair of jeans and then maybe some express skinnys. A coupl of crisp shirts, thermal shirt,
  12. go to places like banana republic or ann taylor for staples as well.
  13. also some lounge wear!
  14. get a nice jacket that will work with most of ur wardrobe. E.g. Mike & Chris, a dress that makes u look like a million dollars and a good pair of pretty & comfortable shoes, and if there's any left, a pair of good jeans.

    If you buy the non-leather Mike & Chris jackets, it will be just under $200 for a jacket, and maybe also just under $200 for a pair of good jeans and then you will have to see about the dress & shoes how much you can spend on em.

    I think it would be good choices as the jacket, shoes & jeans will work with most of your wardrobe, and its always great to have a flattering dress to wear in case of occassional party/dates emergencies! :smile:

    I hope ive helped you out! xoxo
  15. oh, you can never have enough jackets! think of all the different looks u can wear it with... dresses, plain tops, party tops, plain shirts, etc. :smile: