Shopping spree of my life - 4 new purses, 1 new clutch, 1 cosmetic bag!

  1. My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and as we share everything, we went and spent my dad's money together. And we spent a lot of it. We have never bought this many bags in a day ever. We keep telling ourselves how very sick we are... We got the Marc Jacobs Quilted North/South Tote for 50% off. Too good to pass up. The cosmetic bag was also 50% off. I bought her the Quilted Ursula Zip Clutch to go with the bag as my present to her (dipped into my summer savings. Why do I still have those? Beats me). Then we went for big purchases. The leather and suede Chloe Silverado in Bordeaux was her choice, and the Balenciaga Ring Bag was mine. The Corto Moltedo was an impulse buy. Mom was in love. We're usually not this insane, I swear. I'm feeling such a rush now. Will post plenty of pictures on my bag showcase thread and designer forums. What do you guys think of our buys?
  2. How lovely to be able to share such a great shopping day with your Mom. All your purchases look great. Congrats and a happy b'day to your Mom!
  3. OMG! what a day! i love the silverado!
  4. wow, i wish i had someone to go shopping with just like that... so many beautiful items...
  5. I LOVE your new purchases! Who could pass up such great deals? Congrats and enjoy them :smile:
  6. Love them!!! Love the MJs!!
  7. :graucho: Great stuff girlfiend:

  8. Girl, you are outta control!
  9. Congrats, and Happy Birthday to your mum! Love that bit about the two of you spending your dad's money together :smile:
  10. Wow sounds like you had quite a shopping spree. Everything looks beautiful. Happy Birthday to your mom!
  11. Wow!:love: all your purchaces! Happy B-day to your Mom!
  12. Wow, that quite a load you two got! Very nice purchases. Happy B-day to your mom too.
  13. lucky girl :smile: i wish my mom were more into bags....she would flip if she knew how much i've spent on bags, though - coach is about her limit.

    congrats on what looks like a VERY fun outing with mom :smile:
  14. congrats for all the new bags-they are amazing!!!
    and happy b-day to your mother!;)
  15. I like most of them! Congrats!