Shopping/Shopper style - pics?

  1. I am curious about this style but am having a hard time locating photos. Any help is appreciated! :flowers:
  2. Hi Porro, here are pics of my grey shopping :yes: I'm very familiar with the style. I really like it as I think it's very easy to find things in since it doesn't have a zipper and opens quite wide if you want while on your shoulder. I find it a lot easier than the hobo (it's bigger than the hobo though) to dig through for a big bag. Also the leather on the Shopping Bags have been quite nice from the ones I've seen. Hope this helps.
    shopper 1.jpg shopper 2.jpg
  3. Here are pics of me and my new 06 black Shopping! :love: I use her for work and well... shopping! :lol: She fits great under the arm and can hold tons!

    Please excuse the dirty mirror! :shame:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  4. One more...
  5. That's a cute style. I haven't seen it IRL at NM.
  6. dying for an Ink one, but will wait for the new Marine Blue in the shopper.
  7. The shopping is a great bag. It fits all you need and more. It is also easy to find your cellphone and keys.
  8. Here's a picture of my Ink Shopper (I also have the Denim & Marron pebble leather version from 2005) ...

    I absolutely LOVE :love: this style; it's so versatile (I just used it recently as my additional 'carry-on' for a business trip). However, as it is an open top (no zipper), I don't recommend putting in valuable items that could easily fall out.
    2006 Pre-Spring - Ink - Shopping - best.jpg
  9. I just got an email from LVR - they have this bag in Chestnut??? 30% OFF!!!

    they have other styles also!
  10. Are they real Bbags from LVR? How do I contact them? ARe they reliable?
  11. I love threads like this because it brings some of the less popular versions in the spotlight. I have never seen that bag in real life and who would have know that I'm that interested in it without me looking at it?
  12. Me too! I want to see more of the styles but it is hard to find photos. Personally, I love bags that are open at the top, so this style might be the one for me! :yahoo: Thanks for the photos, everyone!