Shopping Report Live from LVR in Florence

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  1. What a cool store! Nothing to indicate any gangster stuff. It was a high tech boutique just steps away from the Duomo. Lots of customers and the gals working there really seem to know their stuff. An what stuff it is! So much Chloe on display that I started to feel a little faint. Right away I spotted the purple patent Bay. Gosh is it a beautiful bag - large and sooo purple. At their price and at the exchange rate I would have had to pay around $2000 and then only get a 13% discount for the VAT. I couldn't bring myself to do it since I know that it will be available in the States for much less even at full retail. Anyway they also had it in a green patent that was devastating as well. Lots of new quilted Bays were displayed in new delicious colors like "Vermillion". I loved that shade of orangey red. And the Pigalle purple Bay was unbelievably gorgeous. I loved the round heel Chloe patent sandals for Spring/Summer. In the back of the store was the sale room and I wish I could set up camp there. Chloe boots and shoes in abundance on sale but none in my size. There were racks of patent quilted Bays and patent quilted Heloises. There was one regular Bay left on sale that I could see and it was a beautiful off white color - 30% reduction. My DH sat around waiting while I scoped everything out and he discovered a very cool fashionista laptop computer they had on sale for something like 13,000 Euros. That's a lot of money but boy was it cute - in a roundish shell covered in pink moc croc. Still - a lot of money...

    Do you think a Paddy wallet from them on sale is a good deal? They had a black patent one with a little lock and it was 30% off of 320 euros and then take off the VAT. What would that come to? - around $293 I think? I just don't know if this is worth it since Bluefly might be better. Then again - I would have my souvenir! Ciao babies!
  2. This all sounds so heavenly. What an adventure. Girl buy that wallet, yes at 293 dollars it's a fabulous deal? Bluefly who???

    Aaaaah did you ask these people any questions? He He.

    Seriously I can't even imagine being in a room with all that inventory, what a heady experience. Did DH offer to have you buy anything? Did the Purple Patent Bay look good on you? The green was devastating? (groan my ever shrinking wallet???)........
  3. Divnanata - you little :devil: I hope you are having a brilliant time - and it sounds like wish I was there..............great to hear about LVR - keep your hands in your pockets and only use your DH for the purpose he is required - the card at the end of the till. Take care:heart:
  4. Suze! We are having such a great time. I am trying out my Italian but I am so bad at it and people do not really speak English. I suppose it is possible that LVR is gangster run but it sure seems clean to me and just all about fashion. They had all the latest colors as I said and I tried on a bunch of Bbags too - like the giant hardware ones I love. There was this buttery golden one that I am quite fond of but it is waaay over my budget. Who knows where else these bags CAN be purchased - that's the problem. And while there is a sale going on, it is not the best one. More will be marked down later. Sure wish I could stay a couple of months longer. DH wants to get a vacation place here - HA! Somehow he managed to find a sports bar and I had to join him in watching a soccer match with all these men drinking beer and cheering. Same old stuff that happens in St. Louis MO. But if we lived there I'd have LVR permanently in my back yard.
  5. Hi Diva.....thank you soooo much for sharing, its sounds just amazing!!!! Enjoy your time
  6. You are so funny. I am laughing so hard. Smart girl get him drunk and happy I say. Football or football, who cares! Summer place eh? Is George Clooney in town to offer up some advice?
  7. Lescoy my dear! I promise to be good and not buy anything from any gangsters!! I honestly think LVR is in the clear. It was swarming with customers so they probably do a business. And it was right down the street from Gucci and Valentino and places like that. And they had a bank of computers available so you could check the stock on what you want through their website. Maybe the manager was a gangster-ess, though since she semed a little mean!
  8. Tell us about the customers? Any other Americans? Mostly Italians (naturally); customers from other parts of Europe? Were people buying?

    I want to be there!! I want a fashionista computer!!!
  9. Lots of customers. Oddly some of them were old Italian ladies with helmet hair and lots of makeup. They sure looked rich but I never would have figured their tastes would be in that direction. Of course there were lots of tourists from Asian countries and from other parts of Europe like Spain or England. I have really not been running into too many Americans. The art I saw today made me want to cry it was so incredible. And the purple patent Bay made me want to cry. "LOOK!" I exclaimed to DH when I happened on it. "This is the bag I was telling you about!!!" He was not interested but at least he hung around and did some price converting. That stopped him in his tracks.
  10. Can't wait for you to come home. Must break wine ban so we can laugh and talk. It'll make you feel like your still in Italy!!
  11. Can't say I want to be home just yet - LOL! But I do miss the talking. Any wine ban is now nonexistant since the vino is out of this world here too. As is the food! I think a vacation apartment in Florence where everybody could come visit would be grand! We could also host a PF conference at it too!!!
  12. :tup:Hey Div, fantastic to get your reports live from LVR and more culturally, to hear that the art you've seen touched your soul.

    I have to say my experience with LVR was very good and somehow I just can't believe that they run a shady business. you HAVE to get that purse:yes:. You cannnot possibly come home without a teeny weeny souvenir:nogood:...are youreally sure you can't find some clever way of justify bagging the purple patent Bay ? Wrack your brains woman ;)!

    I saw the Pigalle Quilted Bay IRL last week and THAT made me cry too is absolutely TDF TDF TDF, yet still no word from Irene as to whether she's getting it in stock or not. I don't know how much longer I can hold out.....:sweatdrop:

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your vacation and thank you so much for taking the time out to file your report. London is cold,rainy, grey and miserable right now... Wish I was there:girlsigh:xxx
  13. Div, Thanx for reporting back! Sounds so exciting, enjoy!!
  14. You are so funny...
    I hope you have as much fun as you can...Maybe you could take modelling pictures with the pigalle bay so that we can admire both of you and decide if it is a must-buy...
    The wallet sounds good, do as your heart wishes...
    By the way, I just remembered the ice-cream flavour is called "nocciola"... very fattening but delicious...
    Give my regards to the Uffizzi Gallery and the wonderful sculptures there...
  15. Hi, divnanata,

    Florence is just so great, the art, the food, the shopping! I would love to be there, too! Thank you for sharing and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!![​IMG]
    And definitely get a souvenir![​IMG]