Shopping obsession - help!

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  1. Hi,
    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, move it if needed!

    I have been obsessing about shopping a lot lately, sometimes I feel like I shop to alleviate the problems of my daily life. I've been compulsively buying bags and other items just because I really REALLY want them, even though I should be saving money for my future (I'm only 19). I can't control it though! I have bought 3 bags (2 MbMJ + 1 AW) in the past two months... Along with a bunch of other items (clothing, shoes, jewelry...).

    Has anyone ever gone through this? And how do I fix it???

    Help! :noggin:
  2. Yes, it's hard to get through it. Are you trying to replace something missing in your life? Also are you bored? I have the same problem. Mine is due to lack of friends and just being bored in general. I struggle with the same problem. I have slowed down a lot lately. It is really hard for me not to shop. I have been working on controlling the desire. It started to affect my relationship so i knew i had hit a brick wall. I love my boy friend very much so I was willing to slow down and think of what I was doing to us as a couple.
  3. Do something else instead of going to stores. Take up walking/hiking, bike riding, tennis or some other outdoor activity. Maybe volunteer at an animal shelter or a meal on wheels facility if your area has anything like that.

    If you have money to spend, that means you have a job, right? You're not spending someone elses' money? If you are, STOP and try to find a job of your own that will occupy your free time. If you are working your own job now, have some money deducted out of your check and put into an account you don't have ready access to so you won't have it to spend easily.
  4. well you said it yourself that you are doing it to alleviate problems in your daily life.

    i was also shopping like a maniac but am trying to stop. have bought lots of books written by people who shopped till they are in big trouble, it helps to read how they pull themselves out of it.

    i stopped shopping for 6 months sometime back but that is not a good idea also, because i decided to "treat" myself to a dress and then it just escalated from there. now i stop buying mindlessly and hopefully will get back to the normally thrifty me.

    to me it seems shopping becomes a habit. i feel down i shop. i feel happy i shop. i am in a celebratory mood, i buy myself something because i think i deserve it. i am bored, i shop. ... so now i try to find different things to do instead of swiping my credit card.

    good luck!
  5. What helps for me is....
    Not going to stores. The temptation will decrease because you just kind of.. forget about it after a while. You don't feel like you NEED these things anymore.

    At least, that's what it's like for me, and I'm 19 aswell (...I mean, I turned 20 yesterday!!! Wooohoo)
  6. Please check out the Curbing Consumerism Club on the Money Forum.
  7. Thanks so much for the responses! :biggrin:
  8. Not carrying a lot of money or CC helps. I will only carry my taxi fair and a bit of emergency money when out, because I live close to the boutiques and I pass through them on my way to school or outside chores.
  9. I used to shop online quite a bit. Many times it was just impulsive shopping, something caught my eye or was on sale. I am definitely making a conscious effort to not buy anything at this point in time knowing I really don't need another pair of black shoes or scarf. I go to the stores but don't buy anything because I hate trying things on in the store and have vowed not to buy without trying on. I have some online buys that don't fit or look good and never returned due to laziness. Just being aware that your shopping is filling in for something else is a good start to controlling the spending.
  10. :yes: this
  11. That's what usually spark my little sprees, Trying to entertain myself. However, I've relalize it also is a distraction from me working on more important things. Like getting back into school, sorority work,and finding a new job.

    Plus, when I stop and think about it. I might have a cute new outfit or two but still wearing it to an unfilling job/lifestyle. So that help curb my habit quite a bit.

    Volunteering and socializing help curb my habit.

    You are not alone.
  12. These days I get a better high from paying off my CC bills than I do when I buy something new. I still buy bags but my priorities have changed recently.

    Good luck to you OP!
  13. Just say no. :smile:
  14. This happens to me every fall! I suspect it relates to the yearly back-to-school shopping I did with my Mom back when I was a kid--I'm now conditioned to replenish my wardrobe every September.
  15. heh heh heh