Shopping Nightmare !! Evil S.a !!!

  1. I vow NEVER to go shopping at Gaysorn Mall EVER AGAIN. The SA there was sooo RUDE !!! :hysteric:I wanted to smack her face real bad !!

    I went into the store and I was looking at the Regular Batignolles (which I was planning to purchase to complete my Batignolles collection). The SA came over to me and asked me what I wanted. I asked if I could see the Batignolles and then she gave me an annoyed look and grudgingly handed me the bag.

    I tried to ignore her so I started examining the bag, asking my mom what she thought about it, etc. Then the SA grabbed the bag from me (yes, she literally grabbed it) and told me that she didn't want people touching the bags too much because they wee gonna get oil and finger marks and stuff. I told her that I was planning to purchase that bag, so I had every right to inspect every inch of it if I wanted to. Plus, she didn't own the darn shop so it wasn't up to her to decide. I mean, how can I know if I wanted to buy the Batignolles if I wasnt allowed to touch it??

    Anyways my mom stepped in and asked the SA if we could examine the bag further, but the SA said NO and she put the bag back on the shelf !! :cursing:

    I got so annoyed that me and my mom decided to move on to the Monogram Groom collection (for some reason they still had the Pochette Wallet, the Compact Zipped, and the Port Monnaie Rond). My mom was saying how she liked the Groom line and was asking me if she should purchase one.
    Then the same evil SA walked over to us and started tapping her hands impatiently on the glass of the display case. My mom got fed up so she kindly asked the SA if something was bothering her. And then the SA started talking non-stop about how she hates it when people go into the shop and take a long time examining anything and everything and walk out of the store empty handed !! I was like :wtf: WTF !! How would she know we wouldnt buy anything? After all, I was planning on buying the Batignolles! And even if we did go out empty handed, I dont think its any of her business. We're not obligated to buy anything when step into the shop are we? :cursing:

    Anyways I tried to keep my cool and I kindly told her that I was actually planning to purchase the Batignolles. And you wouldnt believe what she said..

    She said "Oh but you should know that that bag is VERY expensive. All Louis Vuitton items are pricey. Way beyond your budget Im sure. Hardly anyone can afford it."

    I got so mad :cursing: I waved my bag in front of her (Speedy 30) and I started grabbing things out of my bag to show her (my mono cles, my azur key holder, my Epi Wallet, my MC phone strap) and I told her that I can afford LV and that I could buy half the store right now if I wanted to.

    Anyways another SA came and started asking what was wrong so my mom explained everything. The other SA (the evil one) left and the new SA started to help us and show us the items that we wanted and she was very nice and sweet.

    Unfortunately, me and my mom are disgusted by the way the first SA treated us so we DID walk out empty handed. And I gave that evil SA the dirtiest look I've ever given anyone.

    Anyway I called Vuitton and I complained and they said they will take appropriate action. I hope she loses her job. Seriously.

    I got so stressed out that I ended up going to a spa and got a massage. :sad:

    From now on I'll just shop at Emporium, where all the SAs are nice and helpful.

    Sorry for the long rant guys. I needed to get it all outta my chest.
  2. WTF...this activity seems to be happening to a lot. I don't get it, why are they so rude?? She must have been having a bad day but that's no excuse!
  3. Sorry this happened to you. I'm glad that you did something about it. She should not get away with that horrid behavior.
  4. :wtf:This is the worst thing I've ever heard of happening in an LV store. It is outrageous. I've never gotten such attitude and I Hope this was your last experience of such. I'm truly shocked.
  5. omg that is horrible! i cant believe the SA would act that way, and have the nerve to tell you how you can spend your money! I really hope LV take action against her. An experience like that would ruin my day and deter me from ever going back.
  6. i am floored, i cant believe people think they have the right to treat you like so sorry to hear about that. im so glad you called and let LV know about this..she should be fired. no one has the right to treat people like that...especially when its her JOB to stand there and show you whatever bag you want to see.
  7. !!! don't be sorry to us!!! let it all out!!! :smile:

    I just...can't believe what happened!!! this is the worst story of experience i have read!!! on the forum...!

    i am SHOCKED!!! mouth will not close...

    I wouldn't have called and complained to LV...i would've asked for the boutique manager NOW and start!!! 'SO TALK LIKE BEFORE YOUNG LADY' ETC...I AM SHOCKED :censor:

  8. u should have informed LV paris abt it too...their HQ should know

    sometimes local LV couldn't be bothered with the emails i sent too ... even abt asking prices. I hope complaining to them via the phone might help...

    i hope you can follow up on what action they have done. And official apology to you...

    i totally understand what you have been going through as i have such experience before at my local LV store just sometime back...but i din complain...i just take it with a pinch of salt...hope u can cool down soon...
  9. Wow that is unbelievable! I'm almost thinking that you made that story up! That's a damn shame!
  10. i'm starting to think if only we can take out our mobile phone and start video recording these terrible SAs "service". the video will be interesting to be sent to LV + you tube lol.
  11. That's disgusting!!! Her ill-treatment of you was not even SUBTLE!! That is outright harrassing! I'm so glad you expressed your displeasure right there and then and followed up with a phone call to corporate. I makes me sad when people just walk away or purchase anyways....people like that should NOT get away with things like this.

    If someone is having a bad day, I can see being a little grumpy but I cannot imagine anyone would go out of their way to be a major ***** like that because of a bad day. Sounds like she intentionally meant to be hurtful.
  12. :wtf::wtf::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    1st of all... who says we have to buy something in LV every single time we visit? It's her job to show you things in the store even if you don't plan to purchase that day!!

    2ndly... I always wonder. How much could they possibly make there to talk to you like that ?!?!?!

    I hope she gets fired !!!!
  13. omg...this happened to me too, only the SA literally walked away and left me alone lol....
  14. Get the management involved. I wouldn't stop until I got a written apology!

    It seems to fit with reports I've read about how they only want rich(-looking) customers and scare the others away to preseve exclusivity. At the same time, they're offering "entry-level" bags like the Neverfull. What?! :mad:
  15. if i were you, i probably would have smacked her face with your speedy...

    now that's what i called speedy retaliation