Shopping - Need your help!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I just received a Macy's giftcard from my work in the amount of $750. I was looking over the different Coach items and I have hit a wall. I have no idea what I want. Most of my Coach items are a few years old so I feel out of the loop. lol I tend to prefer medium to large size bags because of the what I carry such as - small Agenda, credit card holder, wristlet with camera inside, and my cell phone. Though these aren't a lot they can be bulky and I will usually carry DH's wallet (card holder) and cell phone when we are out and about.

    Current Coach items:
    (Sorry I don't really remember all their names)

    Brown Sig. Demi
    Brown Sig. Gallery Tote with Suede Accents
    Cadet Blue Sig. Hobo
    Red Mini Sig. Shoulder bag
    White Mini Sig. Shoulder Bag with Saddle Accents
    Black Mini Sig. Shoulder Bag
    Hamptons Weekend Medium Black Tote with Blue Accents
    Pink Silk Scarf Tote

    I appreciate any feedback and suggestions that you are able to provide in order to add to the collection. What would you buy with the gift card? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Carly!!!!! :tup:
  3. Maybe something from the Legacy line? The Legacy shoulder bag is a great bag!
  4. wow, thats a nice little giftcard from your work! i can't say i've gotten something that spectacular! but ne ways, if you like med-large bags... first of all do you want an everyday bag or do you want a bag for spring/summer (only seasonal?)... it looks like you have listed a lot of everday colors to wear... are you open to color? i think the new elisa's are really pretty... the navy is really beautiful and its a pretty decent sized bag (I believe there are threads for this bag with pics posted)... if your looking for a spring/summer bag, all the bags from the heritage collection are wonderful as well... i know if i had that giftcard i'd probably be spending it on an elisa or a miranda or even a lily... those are really nice leather bags... hope i was of some help! :smile:
  5. The Carly is sooo cute. But, everyone has them in my area. :sad:

    I love the legacy leather but am having difficulty figuring out what I would actually use from that line. I noticed a lot of them had flaps ( I may be wrong ) and that just isn't my style at this point.

    They gave me the gift card because I was covering for someone's maternity leave for three months without a pay increase. Which I was happy to do but getting the reward makes it that much better!

    I switch my bags out everyday. So far I seem to have a lot of fall winter colors (not just my Coach items). So something for spring summer would be nice and really add a pop to my wardrobe. I am so behind on bags I need to check out the website for the bags you listed!

    Thanks everyone for giving me suggestions!
  6. I checked out the Elisa, Miranda, and Lily.

    It looks like the Elisa has two front pockets which is a bit of a turn off for me. The Miranda was cute but reminds me of a shortened YSL Muse. The Lily was.... gorgeous. :drool: But the price of the satchel hurt my purse strings - $1198!!
  7. omg what an awesome gift card!! hehe ~ if you like larger bags & have that much to put towards Coach, I would probably get something like a Lily [​IMG]
    the Vintage Hamptons carryall:
    or a Miranda. Only because if you want a really nice bag & have the gift card, you can definitely treat yourself to it! These are all nice-sized bags & functional & stylish, all at the same time, so they'd be worth the purchase.

    Another option is the Madeline- you could get the work one or the smaller one; they are very pretty bags. Lastly, I will always recommend the Ergo collection because they are functional, comfortable, and very lovable. You could get a tote or hobo then get a bunch of stuff to go with it- wristlet, wallet, keyfob/scarf to dress it up. OOh, i'm so excited for you, haha! :smile: Just 1 thing - PLEASE post pics after you've found the perfect thing(s) with that giftcard! ;)
  8. I know, isn't the Lily TDF!! :love: Ugh I love it! its so beautiful, if i could get enough guts and $ to buy that expensive of a bag I would... i think this bag is just a great all around bag (to dress up or down)... good luck w/picking out a bag... its hard to do!
  9. Thanks for the pics! I am loving the looks of the satchels. :heart::heart: I like the idea of being able to use it as a handheld and it still look cute. I will definitely post pics. The gift card is being sent to my house so I should have it some time this week. As soon as I get it in my hands I am driving to Macys. :yahoo:

    Thanks CoachGirl12!!!
  10. MY understanding is that Macy's will have their Friends & Family event in March. IF you can wait till then, Coach is included and you can get 20% off any and all bags you buy. Sorry I am a into getting a deal if I can. Congratulations on the gift card.:yahoo:
  11. Ohhhhhhhhh wow. It's so hard for me to hold out on things like this. But the gift card is valid until 2009 so techinically I could wait..... however, I am severaly lacking in will power. Hubby's birthday is in March... so if I wait until then I will end up using the money on him. Thanks for the heads up!!
  12. If you like the Lily but don't like the (huge) price tag, what about the medium Lily? It is still a very functional size bag, and quite a bit less at $768.

  13. I don't use large purses either I have the small sig. stripe tote black/gunmetal and i adore it! But what type of bag are you looking for? tote or zip?

    Heres the bronze/brown one




  14. Thanks greenpixie! I am going to fish around for modeling pics to get a better idea of her size.

    The Totes are so cute but I already have a brown tote and have a feeling that I won't use another one. I was leaning towards the leather satchels. Most of my collection is signature and I think some leather would help diversify.