Shopping n' chocolate!!

  1. The Japanese website has the bleecker shopper in chocolate sig but the U.S. site does not. Does anyone know if stores will be getting it?

  2. Have you tried calling and giving them the style number? They could probably tell you if they have it in stock. Good luck!
  3. Bump...

    Was ANYONE successful in ordering this bag? I really want to see if it can be or if it has been ordered by anyone through JAX.
  4. I tried to order it from my local store but they said those were one of the bags thats available in Japan but not the US.
  5. As I read the subject line "Shopping 'n Chocolate!!" I thought it was about candy. Can't seem to stop eating the stuff lately. Must be the season.
  6. Now thats cute!
  7. are you sure check again...sometimes i think they love to fool you...
  8. I did call JAX again a couple of weeks ago and they still say it is not available to the U.S....such a bummer....