Shopping Musts In Ottawa!

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  1. I'm heading to Ottawa soon and I'm trying to compile a list of places I must go for shopping! I'm a younger guy starting college in the fall, and I'd like to have a few nicer pieces in my wardrobe, I'm really hoping Coach will have the bag I've been eyeing in stock. Though I probably won't be able to afford most of the higher ended places, I'd like to go there anyways to look around, I don't have to own designer pieces to enjoy them:biggrin:
    So far I've come up with
    -Coach in the Rideau Centre
    -Holt Renfrew (I'll probably only be able to afford socks there, but it's still fun to look!)
    -Schad Blue
    -Harry Rosen (I'm probably not their demographic, but I do love their magazine)
    -Winners (:heart::heart::heart:)

    If any Ottawa Natives have any other places they recommend, I'd love to hear them!!
  2. Bump...Anybody??
  3. Rideau Center is awesome for shopping! Have you been to the Parliment building before? im totally not into politics or anything, but while in Ottawa during christmas i did a free tour of the Parliment and it was amazing!! Sooo interesting! i recommend going there.

    Holt Renfrew is always good for shopping! love it there

    Have fun in Ottawa!
  4. add milk to your list. it's not great, but as good as schad blue and trustfund. none of these are great, and you ALL of their stock online cheaper.

    holts is OK, but it's a small location which means small selection.

    add ragtime if you love vintage. great jewelry and outerwear, good condition, but the prices are semi-high. definitely a "vintage" shop, not a thrift store.
  5. Thank you all so much!!