Shopping LV in Paris

  1. Hi gals,

    I will be in Paris middle of Aug, museums, markets but of course bag shopping!!:tender:

    I have heard of not-so-nice stories about the sales chicks in Champs-Elysees. Any experience out there? Are they really that snotty.

    I might only get one or two bags from LV coz there are other brands I would like to check out. My follow :

    Jasmine. Love the elegant shape. Initially wanted black for the quintessential black bag..but red and mandarin is so much more fun and interesting:girlsigh:

    A MC. Actually Eliza but after reading another thread on some nice man who wants to buy a MC for his wife...hmm..might change my mind on Eliza. Just that I am quite a petite gal, big bags with strong prints can overwhelm me.

    On a side note...any recommendations on not-to-be-miss bags to buy in Paris? Could be because it is a good buy eg. LV, Celine or because it is so french eg. Longchamp.
  2. Yes sometimes they can act a bit arrogant, especially if you don't speak French. Just ignore it. :smile: Think Edina's quote from Absolutely Fabulous: "You only work in a shop, you know. You can drop the attitude." :lol:
  3. The Lv on the Champs-Elysees is greath to see but I don't like it to buy there. I rather go to saint-germain des prés or Le bon marché. At this 2 shops their aren't so much tourists and the help is much bether.

    For other bags and cloths you have to go to the district La Bastille.

  4. Hi Gals!

    Thanks for the comments!

    May be I will go Champs-Elysees to gawk at the bags and St Germaine to buy them...haha

    That quote from Edina is simply cracking! Luv that attitude! Can you imagine spending all that money and not treated precious.
  5. BTW Jamalu...any homegrown, french-made bags from La Bastille to recommend?
  6. When i'm in paris, i only shop from the champs-elysees boutique since they have so many SAs from all around the world.. once u enter the store, look for the SA with red scarf on their shoulder and they will assign a SA for you.. (This way u'll get treated very nicely since they'll know u're familiar with their customs!)

    One more thing.. LV products are much cheaper when you get it from paris and make sure that you tell them u want VAT-Tax back in order to process papers for you.

    Have fun :smile:
  7. I was in the flagstore on Monday, well they didn't seem to be more snobby than other SAs... but I think it really depends on the very person. On the ground floor there are lots of people so I asked for help on the floor above, had to wait a little, but the SA I got was very nice, also offered me some champagne since packing took a while (I did speak french though, not very good but I tried and was understood :P ^^, and I asked for Hotstamping... maybe they appreciate that as collector knowledge whatever...) However, DO NOT touch the bags without having asked :whistle: the security guy that told me that, later also gave me strange looks, if I wasn't there to purchase smth it would have made me uncomfortable... What I did like (also about shopping in Paris in general) is that you don't feel "stalked" by SAs all the time in the big stores, since they have lots of clients anyway or are used by people who are only looking

    I didn't have to wait to get in, no queue anything, was quite a relief for I didn't want to walk to other stores.

    If anybody wants to know: there were some Vachetta bags like the Keepall, ranging from 1200€ - 3000€ (when I remember correctly), they also had 2 Ouvea bags (can't remember if Keepall or Carryall) and Exotic skin bags in the 10,000€ and above range. There was this deep turquoise Ostrich dog carrier... and some brownish croc bags

    The Longchamp pliable bags were like 60€ (the bigger ones) and smaller ones for like 50€.

    Well I would recommend Goyard on 233, rue Saint Honoré, but it depends on if you like their designs, Goyard is A LOT cheaper in France than in the US. For example the Okinawa Tote in Black is 1465$ at Barney's and 850€ at the Paris Store. That would make a difference of more than 300€ ...

    And to that "you only work in a store quote": some SAs can make more than the customer, but neither side should get snobby anyway
  8. I agree with going to St Germaine because you get more attention there. Champs-Elysees was so busy when I went =)
  9. Definitely go down Rue Montaigne.. It has all the stores LV, Nina Ricci, Gucci, Dior, Harry Winston, Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel, Georgio Armani, Chloe, Pucci, Prada, just to name a few.. It's right off Champs-Elysées and its definitely a must go place in Paris.. I would also visit Place Vendome where Chanel and Dior, Boucheron and more are.. Its a very expensive area and also the famous Ritz Paris is there! And one more thing DEFITELY visit Galeries Lafayette.. It's the biggest department store in Europe.. In it there is Chanel, Dior LV, Tiffany's A huge cosmetic department.. It's so big its like a mall.. You've got to see it to belive it.. Hope you have fun!:nuts:
  10. I like the boutique in Galeries Lafayette. Ask for Jessie if he's there, he's a great SA.
  11. I couldn't care less how much a salesperson makes--a salesclerk is a salesclerk is a salesclerk. I'm a professional and a potential customer, not a shop clerk, and expect to be treated accordingly. It makes no difference to me whether I'm at WalMart or Hermes.
  12. I went to the Champs D'Elysees store in June and the first SA I spoke to said they didn't have any Suhali bags left in the whole of Paris. I walked around the store anyways, and saw a whole bunch on the first floor. I found another SA who was a lot more knowledgable, I think the first one must have been new. If you're there try to find Cecile Tu, she's a great SA.
  13. I was in the flagship store in April - had no problem being waited on - I have also bought bags in the St.Gemain shop - the left bank store is small and you do get more attention but the flagship store has the inventory you want to see and it's exciting for an American to shop there!!.
  14. Hi gals:yahoo:

    Sorry for the absence. Had to rush some work and I am on Singapore +8.00 time so a bit off.

    Thanks for all the valuable feedback, especially names of those cool is that :jammin:
  15. yeah, a sales associate, not a slave :whistle: I don't care what they do for a living, as long as they are nice to me I'll also be nice. but ok, if they snub you you have every right to snub them back... not because of their job, but because of their behavior...