shopping is THE thing to do in vegas!...<3 sorry if it's TOO many pics! ;)

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  1. So after 10 LONG weeks in hicklahoma studying my butt off my mom and brother sent me on a shopping spree! They said i can get anything i want...BUT a purse! bummer right? :wtf:

    So i picked up these two goodies: the bubble braclet to match my ring and the yummy keychain! My SA was sooo very sweet, she threw in an extra lock! I was kind of dissapointed in the selection at Ceasers, they didnt have ANY of the twillys that i wanted nor some of the other accessories...:crybaby:

    But as we were getting ready to go to dinner and clubbing, my WONDERFUL boyfriend suprised me with this...well ok i have to attach pics in the next post!!:yahoo:
    DSC01813.JPG DSC01833.JPG DSC01814.JPG DSC01844.JPG DSC01829.JPG
  2. Congrats, you got great pieces!
    I know what you mean, Caesar's didn't have anything I wanted (Fleurs keyring, Amarante cles or denim cles) when I went there. It was sad, I wanted to buy something!
  3. Congrats... So cute!!!
  4. He got me the azur speedy!!! And a tiffianys twilly that he said matched perfectly hehe i love him!! He also got me the chanel heels...haha NOW i know why he kept bugging me on what i was wearing that night!! (which was a white silk halter dress) :tup:

    my mom laughed her butt off when she saw it, she was like you get what u want no matter what!!! i had to ASSURE her that i had NOTHING to do with it, it was a suprise...but of course she just rolled her eyes and called me spoiled :push:
    DSC01837.JPG DSC01839.JPG DSC01842.JPG DSC01886.JPG DSC01845.JPG
  5. hehe wow u girls are fast!! im not even done yet hehe!!! and LVbabydoll i know i was SO mad but ehhhh such is life right!! hehe
  6. Ok here is the rest of the "junk" :smile:...the prada keychain is in anticipation for my prada phone haha (we have a brother/sister holiday and every year my bro gets me a phone!! hehe this year i was prepared!)...the gucci braclet was "friendship braclet" me and one of my best buds got the same one...and the hat will be PERFECT for the library hehe
    DSC01847.JPG DSC01852.JPG DSC01857.JPG DSC01872.JPG DSC01880.JPG
  7. Congrats! Great stuffs! :heart:
  8. and here are the giftys i came home with:

    - for my brother i got him this keychain, but in black on black (i stole these photos from online hehe)

    - for my sister in law i got her a coach wallet

    - for my bf i got him a tiffanys ring, puma shoes/shirts (he's so anti designer haha he thinks puma is just right!)
    19141861_xl_1.jpg 6K10_BKHCA_d1.jpg 7452_1.JPG
  9. I want to go shopping with you! You do it right!!
  10. So a couple grand later, im back home and missing vegas :sad: I love that place! Although parts of it were a drunken blur, i had a BLAST! i saw my first cirque de solie show (yeah i butchered thats spelling huh!) -- we go to vegas almost every 2 or 3 months and this is the FIRST time we thought to watch it! Ka was AMAZING!! :smile: I won a littl bit at black jack, but i promptly gave my winnnings to the bf...haha my mom had given me a little over 2000 in cash and i spent that in 5 hours!! haha I was 100 bucks over budget, but its ok because i won about that much haha and ehhh thats what bf's are there for right!!

    THANKS FOR THE SWEET MESGS...and those that are seeing the junk now..i HOPE you all like everything!!! i sure do!
  11. Congrats on your new goodies!
  12. hehe thanks!!! i havnt gone proper shopping in 10 weeks!! just small things online, and well clothes dont count hehehe

    but if ur ever in hicklahoma or az hit me up...i LOVE shopping partners hehe and thanks for the sweet mesg! :love:
  13. Congrats! LOVE ALL your new goodies!
  14. Love the haul- very nice pickins!!
  15. Congrats on all of your goodies!! I love the Tiffany scarf on your azur--so pretty