Shopping in your own closet.

  1. If you were to reach into the back of your closet what bags of yester-year or yester-day would you find?

    I just remembered that have an yellow epi Alma that i totally forgot about. I also have a very beautiful beaded Valentino evening bag that i haven't worn in years.

    What's sitting in the back of your closet?
  2. Well, it's not in my closet, but actually in my underwear drawer. :p
    I have my great-grandmother's jet-beaded evening purse from the 1930s. It's in pristine condition, not missing a single bead or slipped stitch. (Makes me wonder if she ever used it...?) My grandma gave it to me for Xmas a couple years ago, but I've never worn it out. I suppose I'm afraid it'll get damaged or ripped off, or have booze spilled on it. And I *treasure* it -- it's a beautiful evening bag AND a family heirloom.