Shopping in Venice, Italy


Jan 5, 2006

I notice that someone posted from Venice, recently, and if they're from Italy, rather than Florida, I hope they won't mind if I ask for some advice?

I'm returning to Venice for a week, at the end of March, and am aware of the LV/Prada etc stores there. However, I've not yet made it to Milano, and because the train journey takes about 3 hours each way from Venice, wasn't really planning on going there this time. However, I was wondering if the wonderful stories about the shops there would make it worth my while to take a day away from the fabulousness which is Venice to just splurge on the greatness of the shopping in Milano? Would that make me a complete philistine, as I am aware of the other marvels of Milano, but in a day, just wouldn't have time for anything else. I do intend to visit there properly, but I just don't know yet when I'll be able to fit a trip in.

Any advice/thoughts/tips of shops not to be missed, would be much appreciated.


There is fabulous shopping in Venice. You don't have to go to Milian for that. All the store are in the same area off of San Marco--I can't remember the same of the street, but (in my opinion) I don't think it's worth the train trip to Milan if you're just going for the shopping. But, others may feel differently.
OH I LOVED strolling through the shops in Venice!!!!!
I never made it to Milano, but really enjoyed Venice! {and Naples, Florence and Rome!}
I'm from Milan and I can tell you all the big designers have shops in Venice, no problems at all:smile:)) You can shop Fendi, Armani, Ferrè, Krizia, Versace, Prada, Gucci, Hermes and much more:smile: Just pay attention to the markets around the turistic places, like San Marco plaza, etc, because they'll try to sell you fake items as authentic...You can also shop for great glasses pieces from Murano, a very famous little island around Venice:smile: have a great trip, and if u need more advices just email me, ok?
The shopping in Venice is one of the best IMO so I wouldnt bother trying to squeeze in Milan. Milan just has larger stores and has more clothing etc etc but if its for the bags, I think you'll enjoy Venice shopping just as much. The nice thing too is the major shops (major to us :nuts: ) are concentrated in the Piazza San Marco area so you don't have to do a whole lot of walking. I'm so jealous! Enjoy your trip!:biggrin:
Thanks everyone, appreciate all the advice.

I too can't wait. It's been a couple of years since I've been back, I love Venice more, each time I go.

I'm staying on the Lido this time, so I can look out onto the lagoon and St Mark's. Thought it would make a change.

I'll update you when I get back, with any purchases I make!

Thanks again,

Venice is a great shopping experience, from fabulous designer to absolutely bizzare. Make sure you take a camera. I saw these snake shoes in the window and just had to post the picture :smile:


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Wow, this was a blast from the past! Isn't it funny looking back? Well, since the first post, I've been lucky enough to return to Venice about 3 times a year since. Love it there. Feels like home. Was there in October and will be back in Feb (and Paris, my second favourite place to visit!!)

Still not made it yet to Milano, I must get on that train!!