Shopping in the French Riviera

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  1. My BFF and I are planning another European vacation next year, and have decided on the French Riviera. We will most probably stay in Nice for about 8 or 9 days, and make day trips to towns of interest, such as Cannes, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez.

    Where are the best Chanel Boutiques? Any tips to share?
  2. Cannes and Nice are the largest, but the Saint Tropez store is really fun, located in a beautiful villa with a pool. That’s a seasonal one so they sell a lot of seasonal items like bathing suits and towels, but they also carry some classics.
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  3. I bought my square mini in Cannes back in March. The SA that helped me was super nice and friendly. The store is located on the street where all the other luxury stores are, good shopping there. I would recommend the Cannes store.
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  4. You may want to consider staying in Cannes rather than staying in Nice. The type of tourists is quite different. You may also add to your list of towns to check out Èze, St. Paul (the old town and the Fondation Maeght make for a wonderful day trip), and Antibes (great Picasso museum in the old fortified city). As for Chanel, Cannes and Monaco will be the best, then St. Tropez, and finally Nice.
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  5. Thank you! Seeing pictures of that boutique is what really got us thinking of going. It looks amazing, I am beyond excited to see it. :biggrin:
  6. Thank you, that is so great to hear you had such a wonderful experience there. We will definitely go there now.
  7. Thanks so much, this is very helpful. I will explore lodging in Cannes. It sounds amazing!
    Antibes and Eze were towns I was interested in seeing, but hadn’t heard much about yet. I am glad to add them to the itinerary - thanks!
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