Shopping in the Caribbean

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  1. I'm off on a cruise with my Mom this weekend and wondered if there may be some duty free opportunities for bags - I'll be in San Juan, St. Thomas, Nassau in the Bahamas and Casa de Campo in Dominican Republic.

    So far I heard of a Coach Factory Outlet in San Juan, but thats about it..

  2. I'm going on one with my girlfriend in March. Basically the same places. I've heard San Juan has good shopping, my friend has been there before, but I'm interested in reliable bag spots also.
  3. The DR has a beautiful stone called Larimar. It's pale blue. You should pick up some of that when your there.
  4. Cozumel has a fine department store called Pama...and it's tax free...stocked up in Oct...not sure if your going there or's like their version of Saks...
  5. Wow a tax free department store in Cozamel??? I am going on a cruise in August and that's one of the destinations. Maybe I should be patient and just rack up some serious cash for some serious shopping!!! Besides it being tax free, are the prices slightly lower over there?
  6. well I wear J'adore parfum by $89.00 plus tax was $44 and no tax there...I'm talking the huge size bottle... They have everything ...authentic designer purses, bags, shoes, sunglasses...ask the native mexican people there...I found out quite a few good tips from them and some wonderful boutiques...I LOVED Cozumel shopping and ST. Thomas too for odds & ends...Everything in the caribbean is tax free...a fav buy...tons of booze and smokes...cigarettes in PA are $50 a carton..universally around the carib. they are around $20-25...just an example
  7. I wont be visiting Cozumel this round, was just there over the holidays though but didn't spend much time off the ship -- it was so sad to see a place that I remember being beautiful, strugging to make it back after the direct hurrican hit last season.

    I'll definitely check out for that stone in DR :smile:

    I love taking some of my small purses on cruises, its a nice way to take them out on vacation without worries - I pack them in my carry on -- and on formal nights or just to hit the shows on board etc.