Shopping in Thailand

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  1. Hi,

    I am planning a trip to Thailand the end of the year.

    Has anyone been there before and what was your experiences?

    Where is the great shopping destinations?

    Does anyone know if Chanel is cheaper there compare everywhere else. Or is there a standard for Chanel, doesn't matter what currency it is, ;) still expensive?????
  2. Hi!

    LUCKY GIRL!! Take me with you! :biggrin:

    Where in Thailand will you visit?

    I've been to Thailand a few times for the sun and fun but not to shop. There isn't much to buy aside from 'touristy' items such as sarongs and such. I've heard that brand products are more expensive there which is probably why my mum and I have never purchased things from Chanel etc.

    I've been to Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok. The first two are sun and surf, and Bangkok, being the capital is all about the city. Enjoy your stay there! Sorry I couldn't help much. Oh, and remember to eat some mangoes! Especially the ones that come with black sticky rice...mmmmmm!! :P

    I should add that at flee markets and such, you should def. bargain! They will start off at a much higher price than its worth and there will be 20 other stalls that sell the same products. ;) Have fun!
  3. Hi toiletduck(i'm sure you have a nicer name than that).

    Well i think i'll be base in bangkok most of the time.

    I thought the branded stuff would be more expensive...or wouldn't change much in currency. I was hoping it would be :sad:

    I was thinking about going on tour...seeing i can't speak the language and know where i'm going.

    I can't wait to fill me stomach with exotic fruits.....friends told me they are beautiful.

    Wooooo...flee market....where?????Do they sell authentic branded stuff? Be very interested in this one!!!!
    Be great if you could help.