Shopping in St Thomas

  1. I checked out the Yacht Haven LV Boutique last week while we were in St. Thomas on our cruise. I really wanted something there. Just didn't know what. I had it in my mind that I wanted a black MC something. I am too new at this LV thing to know that that just doesn't exist. I have two MC bags, so I didn't want to get any more. I wound up with a Hampstead MM in Damier. I really love it.
    My little LV family is growing -- I have my Viva Cite GM, Red Epi Alma, MC Ellipse MM, a little MC wallet, a red Koala wallet, and now my new Hampstead. DH got some flip flops a couple of years ago, and a really pretty tie to wear with his tuxedo.
  2. ~Congrats:cutesy:Yes, you can never stop after one:yes:~
  3. Congrats! It is addicting!
  4. i wish i would have know about the store there when i went in May!!