Shopping in South Florida

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  1. Going to be in Venice Florida for a while with my sister and we like to shop:yahoo:
    We do the outlets at Ellenton but were looking for other suggestions. IF there is a good high end mall in the area or boutiques that you know of please post.
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    not sure how close Venice is to Miami??? But there is a fabulous Shopping Center Called Sawgrass Millls and its about an hour away from Miami.

    It has tons of amazing outlet stores and its HUGE!!!

    If you do shop in Downtown Miami then be careful! Everything is usually wayy OVERPRICED and they bargain with you until you feel like you are getting a good price! This one chick asked if I spoke French (which I did) and she proceeded to try to convince me to buy this bathing suit in French so my SO would not understand! There were a few stores that actually had accurate retail prices...these were the only stores that I bought from!

  3. I agree with Pro_Shopper........... Sawgrass is by far one of the best outlet malls I've ever been to. The NM Last Call.............Fabulous!
  4. upscale malls:

    Bal Harbour shops

    Merrick Park


    Sawgrass Mill Mall, not in Miami but close

    Doliphin Mall, Sawgrass is better,

    I live in Miami, never shop "downtown" or Miami Beach, maybe someone else could tell you about those locals

    just reread your post, Venice is closer to Tampa....can't help you
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    The shops I was referring to was actually in the South Beach Area. If I remember correctly I believe we were shopping a few streets down from the Art Deco Area and Versace's house! I referred to it as "downtown" because its seemed like (From a tourist POV) the main clubbing/shopping area around Miami. Just out of curiosity...what did you mean by the comment about the locals? I love Miami and I would consider moving there one day...
  6. ^^you were in South Beach if you were at the clubs, I never shop there but I do know that there are many small boutiques in the area just not familiar with them

    and Miami is a wonderful place to visit, living here is a whole another story
  7. Im local and im just 8 miles to sawgass mills, my favorite mall and u can get lost easily make sure u have map and u can park near nordstrom rack coz parking there is covered , then have a look at nordstrom rack, saks fifth off, neiman marcus last call , burberry , coach, name it they almost have it, but no lv shop , gucci store... But if ur lucky last call might have really good stuff and cheaper , oh they also have marshalls ,tj max and accross sawgrass they have Ross store and sams club! What else , go to sawgrass its the best IMO !
  8. Venice is not in South Florida and not close to Sawgrass Mills Mall but worth the drive for sure if you can make it. You won't be disappointed. The mall is huge and includes many high end outlet stores including Ferragamo, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, COACH, Furla, Burberry and much more. Amazing malls in the Orlando area also including high end outlets but again not close to Venice. Sarasota might be a better option if you need to stay closer. The West coast of Florida is beautiful...enjoy!
  9. OOps I just realized that it is not south Florida at all. Sawgrass is about a 3 hour drive from Venice, so it is an overnight option. Thanks all
    Are there any outlets worth going to in Sarasota?
  10. My good friend Jen is getting married in Venice this spring and put together a what-to-do page on her wedding website. PM me and I'll send you the link - I just don't want to post it. If Jen is any indication, Venice is an amazingly friendly town. But her to-do page doesn't include shopping, so I emailed her to ask. I'll post her suggestions later.

    Now, Venice is not in what is considered South Florida (Miami/Ft Lauderdale/Palm Beach) so shopping at Sawgrass or any of the "South Florida" malls would be a long day-trip for you.... not worth the drive IMO. (I live 10 mins from Sawgrass Mills and rarely go there, but then I don't really have the patience for outlet shopping.)

    An alternative closer to Venice would be Naples, Florida - a very upscale community with lots of luxury shopping - Naples is about 2 hours straight down I-75, south of Ft. Myers. Google it and you'll find some great suggestions for shopping, lunch, etc. Take your little dog to lunch and you'll fit right in.

    Sarasota is also known for some very exclusive residential communities, so I'm sure you can find some nice shopping options there, too.

    And of course there's Worth Avenue on Palm Beach island. The weather here in S. Florida is amazing in spring, and strolling along Worth Ave. is a beautiful way to enjoy it. Don't look for any bargains though.

    I'll let you know later what Jen says about shopping near Venice.
  11. Thanks for all your info. I so want to go to Naples....
  12. Shyloo, I don't know if you have gone yet but my family lives in Sarasota and I would suggest that you not only check out Ellenton, but that you also check out the amazing consignment stores in Sarasota - there are a lot of wealthy folks in the area who sell their items there and you can find some true treasures, mostly in the downtown area. Otherwise, there is a small mall near downtown Sarasota with a Saks, etc., but if you want a larger nice mall you will have to go to Tampa.

    HTH! :smile:

    And Miami is pretty far away (I used to live there myself) - the shopping is stellar but again it's a hike. If you and your sister are willing to drive a bit you should DEFINITELY check out Orlando shopping (my family used to live there as well): the Florida Mall and the Millenium Mall in particular are wonderful! (Plus there are the International Drive outlets in Orlando).