Shopping in Singapore

  1. Hello everybody!:yes:
    I will visiting Singapore next February, what do you suggest me to visit?
    ...and for shopping?
    I like all "luxury" brands, where to buy?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions!

  2. How long will you be in Singapore? May I suggest you visit Little India, it's fascinating.

    As for shopping tips, I'll leave it to other tpfers to give you suggestions as I hate real-life shopping :smile:
  3. hi melina, ohh spore is a pretty awesome shopping place! well firstly, if you like luxury brands, please go to takashimaya(ie. chanel,fendi,louis vuitton,dior,tiffany & co,gucci,jimmy choo,bottega) and the paragon(ie.ysl,prada,tods,hogan,miu miu,salvatore ferragamo) they are along orchard road. Forum the shopping mall has some shops there as well ie.dolce and gabanna, with the bulk being children's designer stuff.There is also the palaiss renaissance which has a couple of nice shops! feel free to send me a message if u have more questions:smile:
  4. oops,i just realised you werent just referring to shopping!:p haha.that word just STOOD OUT for some reason!

    for places to visit,I would suggest boat quay, and clarke quay( nice bars/clubs, and restuarants). Club street is another gd area with lots of food selection. The Night safari zoo, chinatown, Sentosa are also nice places! to see the best view in spore IMO, go to new asia bar at raffles the plaza!
    there is this link which may be of use to you.
    Uniquely Singapore - The official website for tourist information on Singapore

    hope I didnt bore you with my rant!
  5. definatly orchad road... THE BEST STUFF!! and go to the islan ( cant remeber the name) it has like a lion fish on it. its a great lil day trip
  6. HAHHAH! that island thingy is sentosa, and that lion fish thing is aactually called the merlion. (I think it's ugly though. hehhe)
    Visit places like Ann Siang Hill for a spot of rare shopping, Palais Rennassaince, Paragon, Takashimaya, Hilton Hotel Shopping Gallery, The Link (it's at Mandarin Hotel). Don't forget to check out places like Marina Square that carry the consignment store: SKIN, that stocks up on Japanese brands, True Religion, R&R, Disney Couture, etc...
    You can visit places like East Coast park for a sunny day out..they've got roller blading/cycling stations where you can rent them for the day or so.
    Placces of interest also include the oldest indian temple in Singapore that's in Little India. The largest church in Singapore is City Harvest Church, which is in the Expo (just hop into a cab to get to it)....and trust me, you'll be blown away. There are loads of other religious places of interests..
    Holland Village is a fabulous place to hang out with friends as there are loads of bistros, restaurants, spas, bars and such.
    If you're interested in clubbing, can I suggest MoS, Zouk, Club MoMo, CHIJMES and the bar on top of the Swissotel.
    Hope this helps!! =)
  7. another vote for orchard road....
  8. yeah, for shopping, i highly recommend Orchard Rd, i love to visit the area and there is subway just around the corner so getting to other places is convenient!! do check out Duty Free Shop on Scotts St, you will find brands like Hermes, Fendi, Coach on the higher floors...and also if you want to shop for local souvenirs, you will find it at DFS as well, though alittle pricey but everything under one roof. Have fun!
  9. HERMES!
    Liat towers;takashimaya department store;galleria scottswalk
  10. :nuts: wow! A lot of information!
    I'll stay in Singapore 7 days only...It's a business trip so really I don't know how much time I'll have to visit Singapore do shopping!:crybaby:
    With all your suggestions and aimed indications It will be easier! And may be some shops are open during the evening, is It true?
    Thank you babydollqueen, Thank you Vogue, I noted all yours precious informations.
    Vogue, I'll stay in the Mandarin Hotel, is The Link a shop?
    Last question: prices are lower than in USA?
    For european brands also? Like LV, Chanel, etc?
    I'm Italian so at the moment I can buy better usa brands (all types of denim that I love!) but may be I'll save a little bit more due the fact that Singapore is a Duty Free country, correct?
    Hermes...:graucho: may I'll find my favourite Birkin...

  11. Singapore is not tax free - GST is 5%, but you can claim a portion of that when you leave at the airport.

    All the suggestions are great - there are a few great shops on Club Street and don't forget a Singapore Chilli Mud Crab! Yummm. Also, if you're there on a Sunday, then a Brunch is absolutely recommended.

    Orchard Road is definitely the place to go, the shops are open late every day. On Orchard there's Ngee Ann City, Paragon, Hilton, Wisma Atria, Takashimaya, Palais Renaissance (Prada, DKNY).

    Have a great trip!
  12. Thank you Cal!

    :heart: Melina
  13. No Probs Melina - I was just reading some other threads and I think a Pfer mentioned that Prada is no longer in Palais Renaissance - they'd be around somewhere. The shops are all in a very close proximity to each other so it's easy to walk between them all.

    There's a big Borders in Wheelock Place, next to that is Liat Towers which has Zara, Massimo Dutti and Hermes - it's also on Orchard Road. The last place I can think of is Tanglin Mall (Tanglin Road turns into Orchard) - there are a couple of shops there, no designers, but there's a shop upstairs called Country Living that sells nice Pashminas.

    Oh, and if you're looking for kids stuff, there's The Forum shopping centre - next to The Hilton and opposite Palais Renassance.

    And, if you are interested in food then every area in Singapore is close to a "wet market", which sells fresh food (some of it's so fresh it's still moving) - you'll see some great things there (the one in Chinatown had live frogs for sale, and they weren't pets!). Tasty little buggers too.

    Not everything is cheaper in Singapore though, watches are cheaper there and I have a great jeweller there if you're interested!

  14. Yeah, Orchard Road is awesome for shopping. DH and I also had fun at Jurong Bird Park. It's like a zoo, but just with birds. I'm not doing a good job of describing it, but it's pretty cool. :smile:

    From Uniquely Singapore:

    "Fly, flap, flutter, float… With over 9,000 feathered friends from more than 600 species, Jurong BirdPark is the largest and most impressive bird park in the Asia Pacific.

    From the Penguin Parade in a re-created Antarctic setting to the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary featuring a walk-in aviary with simulated tropical thunderstorms, the birds enjoy an environment designed to be as natural to their original habitat as possible. The Waterfall Aviary is a firm favourite, home to 1,500 free-flying African birds. So is the Riverine, a new simulated natural freshwater river habitat featuring over 20 species of ducks, fish and turtles.

    Winner of the Tourism Awards 1999 & 2000
    Tourism Host of the Year."
  15. Yup, Prada has moved out of Palais Renaissance, and Valentino has taken over. Orchard Road has all the big brands, so no worries about missing out on them.

    As for places of interest, Sentosa is fun for a day trip, our Zoo and Bird Park are pretty good too. Can check out Chinatown, Little India etc if you want a more "ethnic" experience.

    Feel free to PM me if you need any more information! :smile: