Shopping in Seattle

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  1. I'm going to Seattle next week and I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction of good places to go shopping.:smile:
  2. my ex used to live in seattle so i went there a lot for 3 yrs... sorry to say but the shopping is pretty bare... the only thing worth going to is the flagship Nordstrom store. i think there is a Barneys there too but i've never been.
  3. The Pacific Place on Pine St. is a MUST! There's Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Coach, and that's just the ground floor. :yes:
  4. Well, Seattle isn't Paris, but its got some great places if you know where to look. I recommend Nordstrom (they have a Chloe and Chanel boutique), Pacific Place (as was already mentioned) and also Barney's. There is Louis Vuitton boutique on University Street and next door is my favorite jewelry store in Seattle, Alexandra Rossoff Antique Jewelry. She has incredible stuff!!

    Around the corner from LV is Nancy Meyer lingerie which has a great selection of La Perla and other luxury lingerie brands. Also next to Nordstrom on the East side of the building is a great little boutique called Sway and Cake. I would also recommend you visit the funky shops located along First Avenue. One of my favorites is Ped, which is a shoe and accessory store and also a seller of Jamie Joseph and Mizuki jewelry. Also Baby&Co is a great little shop...
  5. I've heard about the Seattle outlet stores... but have no idea where they are...
  6. Alana's. It's an estate jewelry store located at Northgate Mall. Beautiful and unusual jewelry (north of town).

    If you're at all in to outdoor activities, the REI flagship store is quite the tourist attraction (downtown).

    For higher end designer stuff, more votes for Norstrom's flagship store, and Pacific Place mall (downtown).
  7. Oh the REI flagship store is one of my husband's favorite places! He'd live there if he could. LOL

    I've shopped in Seattle just a few times (I'm more south than that and don't travel up that way too often) and it was a lot of fun. There are a lot of little off beat stores that are fun to browse.

    Also, Pike Place market is a huge tourist (and local) attraction. They've got lots of great food, gifts, flowers, etc. It's a lot of fun! And around the market are little shops that have fun things to see.

    Enjoy! Hopefully the weather will cooperate. It's supposed to be in the lower 70s tomorrow. =D Hopefully the sun will hang around.
  8. Univeristy Village is an outdoor shopping center that has nice shops and good restaurants.....if you like sushi on a conveyor belt check out Blue C and if you like chocolate go to Frans. In downtown Seattle I like Anthropoligie (also a U village) and Urban Outfitters. For fun we also go to Niketown and Gameworks.
  9. About 45 minutes north of Seattle on the I-5, take exit 202. It's called Seattle Prime Outlets.
  10. is it in marysville? or the one close to going to canada, in bellingham?
  11. Yes, it's the one in Marysville/Tulalip. The one closer to Bellingham is not nearly as big/complete.
  12. There's also the Super Mall in Auburn (South of Seattle) that has some nice outlet stores.
  13. well, if you have access to a car you should take the drive over to Bellevue -square. Downtown bellevue huge indoor mall and the best of the best in the washington area. No LV though, the LV store downtown just opened their bigger remodeled store and I hear it is very nice.
  14. go to Nordstrom rack in downtown (nordstrom's premier outlet). I have gotten steals there!

    Also, go to Mario's across from Pacific Place. It's a high end boutique with customer service that beats anywhere I've ever been to---even in NY and LA.
  15. born and raised Seattle girl here :biggrin:

    I think you guys summed it up!

    Downtown Seattle:
    Pacific Place, which has a skybridge to the flagship Nordstroms.
    A few cool funky boutiques in Belltown area, in between the core downtown and the Space Needle

    University District (right near the U of Washington campus):
    University Village

    Bellevue (suburb on the other side of Lake Washington):
    Bellevue Square

    Premium Outlets (a bit of a drive north but worth it!)

    Have a GREAT TIME! Summer is the best time to actually doesn't rain after the 4th of July very much. :biggrin: