Shopping in Rotterdam and Normandy

  1. I know this is kind of random but I'll be spending some time in each city this Christmas and was wondering if any of you knew where there is some good shopping?

    I've been shopping in Rotterdam a few times before and always on that one strip of hundreds of shops downtown...I forget the name of the street. It's fun but alot of it tends to be the same thing over and over.

    I've never been to Normandy before but I'll have one free day there, so any reccomendations would be fantastic!!

    Thanks all! :heart:
  2. De Bijenkorf (my spelling sucks) has a store in Rotterdam - there's some great clothes in there!
  3. ahh thanks Cal, is that the department store downtown?
    If so I have been to it and know where it is. I plan on doing some make-up shopping also, even though I can do that here. :smile: :smile: