Shopping in Rome?

  1. I'll be done with summer term in Cambridge on Friday and I'm going to be in Rome for the weekend. Any suggestions on shopping? Is everything closed on Sunday? outlets?
  2. anyone?
  3. I recommend going to Luisa Via Romas boutique in Rome, it's called De grillis Boutique and is located in Via Campo Carleo/Piazza grillo behind the Forum of Trajan.. It's kinda hard to locate, really off-track, so I'd do an online search for the adress and print a map if I were you..

    Another faboulous store, Nuoyrica (they have Chloe, Balenciaga etc) is located at Piazza Pollarola/Piazza Paradiso near Campo de Fiori.. Would also print of a map of this to get there easy.

    Otherwise along Via Corso there are a lot of stores (high street stores like Zara, Sisley etc etc) and eventually along that road you'll get to Via Frattina with some nice stores (at the top of via frattina there's a great store which I can't recall the name of, that carries Marc Jacobs and Rick Owens stuff..)

    All the high end boutiques (YSL, Prada, Hermes, LV etc etc) are at Via Condotti which you'll find along Via Corso, close to Via Frattina.

    If you follow Via Baumbuino by the Spanish steps there are also some really nice stores, like Chanel, and store called TAD - a concept store that carries Chloe, Derek Lam as well as furniture and other stuff. Really cool place!

    Have a lovely stay in Rome!
  4. Here's how to get to LVRs boutique,
    via campo carleo.jpg
    they have most of the stuff that are up at their site ::: home page ::: and it's the best boutique I've ever been to, such friendly people :heart:

    And here's how to get to Nuoyrica

    Both Forum Trajano which LVR is located by, and Campo de Fiori which Nuoyrica is located by, are really easy to find and in the centre of Rome.. it's just these side streets that the boutiques are in that is hard to find..

    Another tip is a store that carries Balenciaga, Derek LAm, Yohji Yamamoto and Jimmy Choo among others etc -- I can't recall the name of the store, but if you stand faced towards the Pantheon and walk to the left, you'll have 3 streets in front of you, and the store is located 10 meters into the street at the left, on the left hand side of the street - also a great store..!
  5. wow!!what can i add?!you're such a great guide therese!!!:biggrin:
  6. yes, i can add one thing:the shop in Via frattina is called Galassia!!
    have a wonderful time in rome!
  7. aw thanks! I'm happy to help! :biggrin:

    So it's called Gallassia.. great, thanks! I'll try and remember that!
  8. thanks girls!!