Shopping in Rome

  1. Hi Everyone.. Has anybody here been hunting for a Bal Bag in Rome? I'm heading there on sunday and would like to know if they are out there? If so i'll defo will take extra "plastic" with me.. hehee
  2. Hi Chubby! Welcome to the Forum!

    Yes, I was there in August. Luisa Via Roma was the only store I made it to. But for more, go to this thread and ascroll down to "Italy":

    By the way, the bags were considerably more than in the U.S.., so watch out!!

    Have a great trip!!
  3. There's always the Bal outlet at the "The Mall" outlets -- I think the mall is about 1.5 hours outside of Rome.
  4. Actually, the outlet is closer to florence than to Rome (

    Recently I was in Rome and a definitely reputable seller is Leam Limited, via Appia Nuova 30, telephone +39-06-77207204. It's in the San Giovanni quarter a little outside the central area, but they are definitely worth a visit!
  5. I was at the Bal outlet in Aug, nothing special:tdown: other than for SA's trying to sell the Ring bag to me. Though they had just put out some great boots and then a woman came in bought (I am not joking) any size available in that wedge style that MAry Kate wore and a few other things (caught my eye), and one week later I saw the same things on e*ay...interesting....:oh::shocked:

    In Rome, Gente on Via Babuino right off the Spanish steps had some good pieces (went there 2 years ago), and TAD concept store (I know its called TAD its either concept store or something like that), is on the same street via babuino, a block or so down, before the square at the other end.

    I visited LVR in August as well while I was in Italy, sadly they say they barely have anything in the boutique as they have so many internet orders (PFers I hope).

    I wish I was of more help but I had no luck whatsoever with bbags while in Italy!
  6. At Leam in Rome they had a huge assortment, but I do get all my bags abroad. Much cheaper!
  7. I agree, for the $$$, it is cheaper in the USA now. For example, I bought a First in July, paid 885 Euros in Italy, which on my CC bill came to 1193 without the handling charge (2% for foreign exchange), the First in the US costs $995 stupid me. When the dollar was stonger way back when (I think in 2004 is when it took the dive), buying in Europe was better, now no way! So unless its something you cant find anywhere else, its better to buy in the US (for now that is).
  8. 10 Corso Como in Milan was great, last time I was there was 2005 they have tons and tons of bags but they sell out very fast, while we were there they had put out some new models and an hour later when I left, most had been snapped up, I guess it was at aperativo time when everyone was out and about, shopping.

    Again, font forget about the exchange rate, I learned my lesson.
  9. I am heading to Paris end of this month too, was thinking if I should get my first babg in Paris or USA. Now I guess it is cheaper here in the States
  10. In my own experience this past summer as I was working in Milan-Basel, with the horrid exchange rate, unless its something you wont find anywhere else or is your HG, get it in the US because it ends up costing quite a bit more (my first was over $200 more). I think it works out differently for some of the other models though. I guess just use your best judgement and dont forget that 1 Euro now = 1.4 or so.
  11. Oh I guess you get that Vat back thing which in Italy is 12% so its not AS bad, just keep in mind the exchange rate.
  12. Hi guys, ill be going to rome next week and im thinking of getting a bag or two, which brands like fendi, balenciaga (all the high end brands) are cheaper there compared to france or the states?

  13. If (and this is a big 'if') you have the time, you could also check out the various 'outlet' Malls, quite a few of which carry designer goods. Mind you, you will be looking at last season's stuff, but a sconto (discount) is always a good thing.

    My favorite is "The Mall" in Incisa (outside of Florence) as they have Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga outlet shops ... in addition to Loro Piano and Giorgio Armani (I've done a fair damage at all of these stores).

    I would do a Google Search on Italy - Outlets; I believe there is one outside of Roma (not sure how far out).