Shopping in Rome and Florence

  1. I will be in from November 17th until the 19th and then I am heading to Florence until the 25th. I am looking to get a nice leather jacket and obviuosly some designer shoes/clothes. Is it true that the shopping is cheaper in Italy compared to the United States? Also, does anyone have suggestions on where to shop? Thanks!!
  2. In Rome for high end designer goods try Piazza Di Spagna . Otherwise, there are plenty of smaller little places that sell elather everything.

    I didn't think anything was particuarly less expensive- but the euro is much stronger than the dollar.. so I lost money that way.

    Have a great and safe trip!!!!
  3. Via Monti ( I think) had a few very small, hole in the wall vintage stores that did sell some great priced authentic vintage gucci, ysl,etc.
  4. i have heard about outlet stores of D&G, Gucci and Prada near florenceapparently offering good bargains.. if you would like more details on tht i will look it
  5. If you go to your local bookstore and pick up a "Rough Guide" to Rome (or Florence) you'll find invaluable info on places to eat and shop. I was a Fodor's girl until my trip to Venice. The Rough Guide was a life saver! Every place suggested (for food) was to die for and I found the coolest little shop that sold handmade silk shoes. Everytime I wear them, folks as me where I got them. I would NEVER have found any of my treasures without that guide!
  6. I used to spend a lot of time in Milan, Rome & Florence and there are awesome places to shop, but the prices are not necessarily better and as "Yes.please":yes: said, the Euro has made it evem less of a "bargin". I would honestly say you will have better luck buying leather bags & jackets in the US (and you don't have to haul it all back to the States) Now, there are some "outlet" shopping malls in Italy (can't remember where all they are except for the one on the border of Italy & Switzerland) and they have the Prada store, Gucci, Versace and some others, but I know the bags in Prada & Gucci were not the same ones that were actually sold in the Prada stores and they were very out of season. I was not really impressed. Same with the shoes. I would say just give it some thought when you find something you really like. Have a wonderful time! It is beautiful there at this time of year!:flowers:
    Do you have some room to stuff me in your suit cases? I'm really small.....;)
  7. In Florence, there are tons of leather shops around the Mercato di San Lorenzo. The quality does vary and a lot of it is not particularly stylish, however, if you look carefully you might find something unique.

    For all kinds of shopping, I particularly like Il Rinascente, which is a department store on Piazza della Repubblica. I also like strolling down Via del Corso, which runs from Piazza della Repubblica (changing names several times) all the way to Piazza Beccaria and beyond. It's a nice walk and it's packed with lots of tiny stores, getting you away from the worst of the tourist crowds. However, I don't think you'll necessarily save much money. Like a previous poster said, the euro is really strong right now. Have fun!
  8. really watch the leather goods you buy, esp. if you're near more touristy areas. vendors know americans come to italy to buy leather, and it's really easy to get a bad deal. do check a guidebook for suggestions on reputable sellers. i recall a fabulous leather shop right at the base of the spanish steps in rome....i have a wallet i bought there many years ago, and it's still gorgeous and completely fashionable.

    i would suggest not asking a concierge or tour guide where to shop...many get cuts from the less desirable shops. but if you find a shop you like/trust, ask them for other shopping suggestions.

    also check out these daily candy articles:

    Travel: Italy, City-Style: DailyCandy's Guide to Italy - Rome and Milan - DailyCandy
    Travel: All-Italia: DailyCandy's Guide to Italy - Florence and Venice - DailyCandy

    this article from a favorite blogger of mine who recently went to the 'secret' outlet mall outside florence (she may be able to give you better directions/info if you email her): Forget the culture- where is the couture? « The Daily Obsession

    and if you're really serious, pick this book up - great guide!
    Powell's Books - Where to Wear: Italy Shopping Guide (Where to Wear: Italy, Rome, Florence & Milan) by Fairchild & Gallagher

    have fun!!
  9. When you're in Florence I suggest you renting a car and head to the "outlet area". In Reggello you will find The Mall, an outlet with all most important brands (Gucci, Fendi, Burberry, Bottega Veneta...). You can drive the A1 "Autostrada del Sole" in south direction, or if you aren't in a hurry and prefer to see a wonderful landscape, I suggest you the local routes. Then, just a few km far from The Mall, in the Zona Industriale Pian Dell'Isola, you can find other outlet, such as Fendi, Celine, Loewe, Dolce & Gabbana.
    In Montevarchi you will find "I pellettieri d'Italia, which is Prada's outlet.
    For the map:Google Maps
    For the list of Tuscany outlets: Outlets
    I only went to the Mall, and I think it's nice. Maybe you won't find the IT bags, but if you're looking for clothes, shoes and wonderful but maybe not so popular bags, that's the right place. I suggest you going during the week, try to avoid Saturday and Sunday, and better be there when it opens, not in the afternoon. If you need further help, feel free to pm me.
  10. ... and don't forget you have a customs limit of $800 per person coming back into the US.
  11. I agree 100%. This is a secret that I am sure the Italians don't want the tourists to abuse! :yes: I highly recommend that anyone visiting Florence should rent a car. It is the only way to explore the area. Ahhhhh..I loved it!
  13. My friend and I went to The Mall outlet just outside Florence. We paid EUR25 for the return car trip (we met the car outside the savoy hotel in Piazza Reppublica). The outlet is strictly designer, some of the names I remember are:

    Armani Jeans
    Todds (plus anothe American brand that escapes me)
    Armani (Emporio I think)
    Emanuel Ungaro
    Yves Saint Laurent
    Salvatore Ferragamo

    some of the bargains between me and my friend were:

    Ferragamo shoes EUR80
    large Ungaro scarf EUR60
    YSL hand bag EUR65
    Marni shoes EUR69

    The San Lorenzo Market that was posted earlier is a good place. You can find good leather for any budget in Florence. There are some nice vintage places too!

    I went to anothe outlet in Rome Castel de Romano, or somthing. It wasn't as good as the Mall, but If I find the details, I'll post them.

    As for the prices, granted the Euro is stronger than the dollar but I beleive non-EU citizens can claim their tax back at the airport.
  14. Thanks MissThing, that is very good information !
  15. running immediately south and perpendicular of the santa croce basilica, you'll find peruzzi. i'm not sure if it's the cheapest place, but the leather coat i found there is absolutely the most buttery leather i've ever felt. (only HH handbags can compare, i've found!) Peruzzi S.p.a. - Leather Clothing in Florence - Home (their site shows just a sampling of the items in the store)