Shopping in Queens

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  1. Anyone has any advice? Would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  2. Queens Center Mall is ok for your typical mall stores like GAP and Coach etc. but if you want to seriously shop, you have to go into Manhattan.

    I'd suggest fifth avenue...that's where most of the high-end designer stores are. SoHo is also great for unique things that you won't find anywhere else. I also suggest South Street Seaport where you can shop and sightsee at the same time because the mall overlooks the water, and all of the stores have floor to ceiling windows so it kind of looks like the mall is floating on the water.

    I know you were looking for stores in Queens, but there just aren't any good ones. Hope I helped!
  3. I agree - the best shopping is in Manhatten, and it's only a couple of subway stops away :nuts:
  4. Thanks ladies! I've been to Manhattan twice, and I love vintage shopping. I've never been to Queens and I don't want to buy the usual stuff. Will try and make my way to Manhattan (if I haven't already bust my budget in Paris before that!).