Shopping in Puerto Rico

  1. I know there is an outlet, but does anyone live there or visited recently to share their experience? Any good deals?
  2. I was there at the end of August and they had some good deals. Lots of stuff 30 - 40 % off an already low price. I got two mini signature duffles, a wristlet and a mini sig hobo for $500. The mini sig duffles were 168 each and the hobo was $137 and the wristlet was around $30, I think.
  3. I've not been, but I plan to go. My husband's family lives in Humacao (sp?) and I can't WAIT to go visit them...partly because of the outlet! :graucho:
  4. I was at the PR outlet in Old San Juan in December. I went there before my cruise left to do some christmas shopping for family. I got like 7 bags and a few wristlets for 1100. I got an extra 10% off (a promotion they had going on) and I didn't pay any tax. They also shipped my bags home via FedEx for 20.00. IMO, they had really good deals and I would suggest it to anyone going to PR. They had other stores around there like a Dooney Outlet and and a Polo Outlet. Also the area is really nice since it is Old San Juan.
  5. Old San Juan is historical and it keep it's colonial charm and architecture. Great place to visit for it's history, charm, shopping, and restaurants. Definitely worth seeing Old San Juan when you visit Puerto Rico.
  6. I'll be in San Juan on my honeymoon this May.... cant wait to check this out!