Shopping in Puerto Rico????

  1. Hello girls (and guys)!!!!! I am sooo excited because it a little less than a month, I get to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico for my Honeymoon!!!! I was just wondering, how is the shopping there? Are there any boutiques close by to purchase higher end bags???

    If you can give me any info, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!

  2. Hey girl!!! Are you coming on a cruise or to a hotel here?? :beach: Beaches are amazing and food is world class!!

    Coach: boutique in Plaza Las Americas (our largest and best mall), outlet in Old San Juan, Cristo Street. Also in the mall there's a very nice jewelry store called Reinhold where you can find Tiffany's as well as other very nice designers. There you can also find Macy's, BCBG, Marciano, Bebe and other very cool spanish firms like Mango, Adolfo Dominguez and Zara.

    LV, Cartier some others in Condado.

    Prices here are like the states plus 7% tax (we HATE the stupid tax, before november we were tax free:rant:) Any more questions feel free to ask!!
  3. Ooooo....can't wait!!! Sounds like there are some amazing stores there....I will be staying at a hotel. I can't wait!!!! Cute puppies btw....
  4. Wow you are so lucky ! Have a wonderful time.
  5. Thanks Prada! I can't wait!
  6. I forgot to tell you that in Old San Juan you can aslo find amazing jewelry stores and the coolest trendiest restaurants.
  7. Oh, LAlterio. ENJOY! I will miss you!! Have fun!!

  8. Thanx, Kiss Me Deadly, I will miss you too!
  9. I've stayed in San Juan for 2 days, 1 night (we were going on a cruise), it's really nice! We went to this big shopping mall, Plaza Las Americas I think it was called, and did a bit of shopping. We mostly stayed at our hotel as it was right on the beach, at night they played live music and we just hung around the bar. If you haven't already booked a hotel, book the Caribe Hilton! It's beautiful and makes your vacation that much more memorable! When I went in November, tax was 1% :nuts:! But apparently that's changed now ...

    But either way you'll definetly enjoy your trip!