Shopping in Philly? D.C.? Baltimore?

  1. Okay,

    I'm going home for the summer to glamrous Delaware:P which is the land of tax-free shopping. It is also relatively close to D.C., Baltimore and Philly.

    Any suggestions for fun shopping, things to do or eat? I've been to these cities, before but would love the local opinion or the opinion of anyone who's been and found a fun place they'd like to share with me.

  2. The best place to go is King of Prussia Mall. They have everything in one mall or two malls (they are next to each other). All of the major department stores. Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, Macys, Nordstroms, Strawbridges, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Burberry, Kate Spade, ect. Its a great mall. I believe its the largest mall in the United States besides Mall of America (but they dont have that many upscale stores)

  3. Saks, Bala on City Avenue-huge purse section. Dress nicely, they inspect you at the door. LOL, but I went in there in tennis shoes one day and I got some strange looks until I bought a purse.
    Italian Food- Ralph's in South Philly
    Greek Food-500 block of South Street near Penn's Landing. You can google the name on line "South Street Greek Restaurant". Plus there is always something going on down there, concerts, etc.
  4. if you go to Saks-Ask for Donna in handbags at Saks in Bala-She is SUPER!!!
    in shoes..I use Fern or Walter..they are sooooo nice!
  5. For DC, go to Georgetown. Lots of shops on that one street. Good food there too.

    I agree with Selena for KOP mall. I'm still summoning up my courage to get past those thick glass doors of Versace!
  6. Ha ha I have NEVER been in Versace. I am not into that designer (to gaudy for my takes) but I have never ventured in!

    Dammit I am doing it next trip. I will report back Kathy...wish me luck!

  7. There's also tons of shopping right in Philadelphia too. There's Joan Shepp if you're looking for Balenciaga, Chloe, MiuMiu and Prada. Almost all of the jewelry there is made by local jewelers, and it's all incredibly beautiful. That's on Walnut Street. All of Walnut has some great shopping. There's big Burberry store, a Coach store, a quite a few boutiques that sell Marc Jacobs (namely Knit Wit & Tahiti something, I forget the second part). Both Knit Wit and Tahiti have a fantastic selection of designer denim. There's an Anthropologie, a Urban Outfitters, a Max Studio, Banana Republic, Smith Bros. Just a really great area to walk around and explore.

    For food, oh my god, I could go on forever. Philadelphia has fantastic restaurants! I love Swanky Bubbles on Front & Market. It's a champagne bar/sushi/fusion place. The food is amazing and the staff will remember you after one visit. It's funky and fun.

    The Stephen Starr places are always fun. Budhakan is yummy if you like Asian Fusion. Continental is fun if you like martinis. If you want something ethnic, Marakesh on Lithegow and South Street is delicious.

    If you're in Philly in the summer, come on a Wednesday for Philly Sips. It's a big event from 5-7 where a bunch of the big bars have a huge happy hour with $2 beers, $3 glasses of wine and $4 mixed drinks & free appetizers. The crowds that go are always really energetic and fun. I've met a lot of really nice people going to this.

    If you want anymore information on Philadelphia, let me know. I love going out in this city.
  8. Yes, those doors are rather scary. I can thank Jill above for introducing me to the purse section at Saks in Bala. That is something else.
  9. I will have to go there someday!

    I don't know what Versace's goods are like really and I thought I'd check it out but backed out when I saw I was approaching thick glass doors. Do let me know what's in there! :lol:
  10. If you're going to visit DC, then you MUST go to The Collection! It's BRAND NEW! Although most stores have been open now for a few months, the grand opening is in May.

    Anyway, it's dubbed as DC's equal to Rodeo Drive! It's in Chevy Chase, MD. Just on the MD/DC border. Wisconsin Ave. All luxury retail stores!

    There is a brand new 2 story Vuitton (similar to the one on 5th Ave.), Jimmy Choo, Barney's Co-op, Dior, Cartier, Tiffany, Chanel, Gucci, MaxMara (the largest in the world!). I'm pretty sure I left some out!

    Across the street is Mazza Gallerie with Neimans and Filenes Basement. Directly across the street from Mazza Gallerie is Cheesecake Factory (for re-fueling after all that shopping) or Maggiano's (good food!).

    Saks Fifth Ave. is right in the same area - just down the street from Mazza Gallerie towards Bethesda.

    Like I said, it's BRAND NEW and long over due! DC also has China Town and the Spy Museum (I'm pretty sure there are no Spy bags there - kidding!).

    Anyway, have fun! There is a lot to do in the DC area besides sight seeing!
  11. print*model, I LOOOOOOOVE Wisconsin Ave. I was just there earlier this week. Dior, Bulgari, Saks, Neimans. It's absolutely one stop shopping.

    I'm from the Baltimore Area and I gotta tell you, the pickings are slim around here. Wisconsin is definitely the place to go, but I know of a few Niche stores in Baltimore. Downtown in Harborplace is a great one-of-a-kind store. They sell handbags and accesssories. There is another handbag store a little further up that sells namebrands like Kooba and Cole Haan. It just opened a few months back and I haven't had a chance to visit it, but the owner used to sell on ebay, I recommend it.
  12. I could have written this post word by word!! I love Joan Shepp. I have only been their twice (and did not buy anything :sad: ) but I can say it is worth the trip! Lots of great shopping! There is a good outlet mall called "Franklin Mills". They have an "Off Saks 5th Ave" alonge with other good shops. Budakahn is yummy! I have eaten their twice and would love to go their again soon!!!
  13. Also near DC is Tyson's Corner in Virginia. Tyson's has two mall's right next door. Creatively name as Tyson's 1 and Tyson's 2!

    Tyson's 2 has Neimans, Saks, Chanel and plenty more.
    Across the street from these there is Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, and Tiffany. There are tons more stores that I am too tired to think of, and Tyson's 2 just had a LARGE LARGE expansion completed. So if your in the DC area check them out along with the other two suggestions.
  14. thanks guys! I'm loving all the suggestions. I knew the PF divas would be in the know!

    If people have any more suggestions please feel free to add on, even natives may learn something new!
  15. I call them Tysons (1) and Tysons Galleria (2)...but anyways isn't it Tysons that had the expansion?

    But yes at Galleria there is also Feragammo, Versace, a Coach flagship, etc. It's more high-end than the original Tysons.