Shopping in Paris!

  1. If anyone knows where the Chanel boutique with the largest handbag selection is in Paris, please let me know - I am leaving Wednesday and I'm not sure where Chanel is - Faubourg St.Honore maybe??? Thanks so much.
  2. Its the one in Avenue Montaigne (sp?).. this street has ALL brands boutiques from Valentino, LV, Gucci, Jill Sander, Fendi, Dior, Chloe, Jimmy Choo.. etc..

    You'll love it :smile:
  3. DEFINTELY 31 Rue Cambon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first Chanel shop created by CoCo herself! It is behind the Ritz hotel! I got my first Chanel there and it was definetely the best experience ever! The shop is amazing and they have everything!
  4. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that info - I know exactly where that is. I'm thinking of buying a Chanel instead of an LV this trip. Leaving tomorrow, thanks again cyprus.
  5. Thanks Pink - I'll have to find some free time from my BF - he'll freak.
  6. Have a nice trip:flowers: ! We are waiting for your purchases:yahoo:
  7. Bon voyage...can u pls post some latest catalogue from PARIS CHANEL...
    I think we all just luv to see that..(including yr buys)..waiting for yr returns...hehehe:yahoo:
  8. Yay! I'm planning to buy my first Chanel bag :yahoo: , and where better to buy it than Paris?! BUT, I've only been in Paris once (to check out the Salon Du Cheval - beautiful Arabian horses :heart: ), so I didn't have time to shop :wtf: ...

    My question is, since I don't have much time (have to rush back to school :sad: )

    Which shop has the largest Chanel (bag) collection? (I found 8 adresses!)

    And, if somebody knows, do retailprices differ per country? (France is probably 'cheaper' than where I live :confused1:)

  9. Jillybean and I went to 3 different Chanels..They ALL had different stock so its hard to say.I would say go to as many as possible...We went to alot of boutiques and were amazed at the diff kinds of bags they had at each one!!!!
  10. Ave Montaigne
  11. I always thought 31 Rue Cambon was the largest. However, if you also want to go to LV, then Ave Montaigne like crazy4bags suggested. It's right off Champs d'Elysse so there will be a bunch of other places to look around.
  12. CHANEL BOUTIQUE21, rue du Faubourg St Honoré


    CHANEL BOUTIQUE42, avenue Montaigne

    They are your best options. I just got back from Paris.
  13. i like the boutique at Rue Cambon and Avenue Montaigne,coz they have the hugest collection of handbags there,abt the prices between NL here and France i think is all depend on the country BTW tax........
  14. From Champs Elysees (visit the massive LV store there and pick up the LV snow dome for 200 euros), and walk down to Rue Montaigne away from Arc de Triomphe (Gucci is on the corner of Champs and Montaigne), theres a plethora of designer shops along that road until you hit Chanel (but i thought that Chanel store was small)

    Chanel is in the middle of Montaigne while LV is at the opposite end of Montaigne away from Champs Elysees

    But you must visit the flagship store at Rue Cambon (take a taxi if you have time constraints)

    Make sure you don't go on Sunday as when i went (i came back around 2 months ago), most of the designer shops were closed
  15. definitely visit the flagship on 31 rue Cambon. They have more bags than the smaller boutiques.