Shopping in NYC and Las Vegas

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  1. I'm officially making my first thread, and I have many, many questions :shame: Hope you bare with me :amuse:

    I'm going to New York and Las Vegas in July (seems ages away :sad: ) and I would love to get some shopping tips. I know the big department stores and that's it.

    Are there any sales in July? Are there any outlets in NYC? I know at least three in Las Vegas, has anyone found good deals there?

    Also, does anyone know can I buy tax free in US? And do I have to declare my shoppings when I arrive back to Finland? And are there costs when/if I do?

    Are all the prices in the US without taxes? For example I'm thinking of getting a Damier Speedy then, how much is the taxes on top of the price of the bag?

    I think that's all for now :suspiciou :lol:
  2. There are outlets in Vegas? Where?
    I LOVE the Forum shops and shopping at the Venetian and Bellagio! We'll be going again soon!
  3. Hello! Ok, there is a great outlet outside of NYC in Westbury Commons that has everything from Gucci to Coach etc. You can get there by bus for like $20US- well worth the trip.

    As for taxes, almost all States have sales tax. I don't know if this will work for foreign purchases, but usually you can avoid sales tax when you purchase an item from a store that does not have a store where you live. However, in order for this to work, you have to have the items shipped to your home directly from the store.

    Although I am not sure on the duty issue- I am pretty sure you will have to declare your purchases when you return to Finland. I am sure there are many other people on this forum who can answer this question better than I.

    I wish luck, and hope you have a fantastic time!
  4. DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think the main outlet is called primm, which is about a 35-40 min out of the main strip. I think if you go to MGM, you can buy tickets to get bused out there. Unfortunately, the shops arent that great. I didnt find anything and still ended up spending money on the trip there.
    I think if youre out of state in NY, you get 10% off...and if you go to macy's, i dont think there is tax.
  6. The Forum shops inside Ceasears are awsome. I'm not sure of any place that has no taxes. But Nevada sales tax is 7.75%. I'm sure of any sales either. I am going to Vegas next month. I might be able to find out then.
  7. The Vegas Prime Outlets are actually only about 10-15 minutes off the strip. I was just there in January but I didn't get to spend much time and I totally missed the NM Last Call (although I have that here in Houston). Other than Coach, I didn't see anything too interesting, but again I didn't get a chance to hit the whole place.
  8. Thank you so much for your answers!

    Always when I go to abroad, I make shopping route maps :lol: So I plan loads ahead... I just can't wait!

    Here's a link to a page that has a store listing and directions to the outlets in Vegas:

    The Las Vegas Outlet Center even has a Saks outlet...
  9. I'm going to Vegas on the 23rd of Feb. There's a few outlets, Primm, Premier, and another one that I can't remember the name of. I've never had much luck at the outlets but the boutiques are everywhere.

    The fashion show mall is great (has NM, Saks, Nordy's), and LV, Bally's (can't remember the rest). Bellagio has Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Fendi and a couple more. The Wynn Casino has Dior, LV, Chanel, Cartier. The Forum shops has everything!

    I'll report what I find!! I can't wait..and am counting the days!:lol:
  10. I think that outlets in general is a hit or miss. I do know that if you're looking for a Coach signature bag, the outlet store in Primm is one of the few that sells them.

    Clothes and shoes are tax free in New Jersey. Accessories are taxed 6%. New York sales tax is 8.375%. I don't know about the out of state exception because when I bought my Balenciaga, I was pretty clear about being from California and I was still taxed.

    Take note, all the prices that you see are before tax unlike in Europe where tax is already included in the price.
  11. I have found some good deals at the Coach outlet in LV. I am going back in 5 weeks, I'll report back then. :smile: Vegas has awesome shopping.

    Be prepared, Vegas is HOT in July!
  12. Thank you again, this is really helpful :nuts: And special thanks to addicted and anotheremptysky, I'm biting my nails here until you come back :lol:

    It's gonna be so new to me, we don't have any high end designer boutiques here...(well one that sells some burberry, Mulberry has it's own store, one shop that sells some dior, D&G and Charles Jourdan and one that has a small collection of chanel bags) I've been to Rome, Paris, London etc, but I didn't have the money to purchase anything that expensive back then. I need to study Manhattan though or I'll be lost, it seems like a maze to me....All the streets and little streets between the big ones...I'm so excited :lol: :smile: :lol:

    Gosh, I need to calm down, it's another five months still :amuse:
  13. once you decided wihich stores you would like to go to in NYC wisit the website for short hills mall in NJ. that way you can plan a visit and save on the tak since its 6%. short hills is about 35 ,inutes from NYC and have have a fendi, dior, LV (ask for stevie, she is fab). they also have a jimmy choo (helena is awesome), NM ( Bandy is known for making things happen)with a chanel (irena will never steer you wrong, she'd rather see you happy, even if it means for her to miss a sale...hard to believe that's why i love her)and LV boutique inside. there is a chanel in the mall too and a saxs and nordstroms.Armani exchane, Gucci and so many more stores. so check them out, i hate to see people spend extra money on tax. good luck and have tons of fun. there is soooooooooooo much to see and do between NYC and close NJ.
  14. Wow, you seem to really know all the SAs :lol: Thanks for the advice, I'll look into it!

    By the way is it for some special readon NJ doesn't have the sales tax?

  15. oh.sorry. i meant save on taxes as in nj is only 6%. but let them know you are not from the us, and its worth looking into to see if you can get all the tax reimbursed a the end of your trip.