Shopping in Nice - Help

  1. :wonderingHi, next Tuesday im going to Nice for a short holiday, my mum and dad have promised to buy me a Chanel bag, the problem is they don't want to pay thousands (Im only 15), I think my budget is £800, roughly $1600. Can someone please help me by telling me the general price's of Chanel bags, ie lowest price upwards,is it possible to get a bag in my budget? I really like all styles especially the Cambdon line, do they still sell them? Please Help:shrugs: :yes: If it isn't too much trouble could tyou please post just a few pics giving me an idea what I could get? Sorry to cause so much trouble, i really want a chanel bag!
  2. The large Cambon bag is my fave, it's $1495.
  3. Thankyou so much, I can't wait now!!:yahoo:
  4. Nice is so pretty this time of the year. Enjoy your holiday and do post pics of your new bag! I was in Nice for a few days on my Honeymoon and we were in walking distance to the LV store and Chanel. It was torture for my husband. He could not say no.
  5. The Chanel store in Nice is very nice..They had a very good selection of Cambon when I was there and it was definately cheaper to buy from there than in the USA.
    Not far from it is a store called Jean Charles..OMG..its the best store ever....It has ALL the best designers...clothes,shoes,and bags..I got a Prada bag,Prada coat,and kickin Gucci shoes there for almost half the price in the USA...!!
    Their stores are on 6,Av De Verdun and 10,RueMassena