Shopping in New York

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  1. Hello,

    I am going to new york on Dec. 26, and I would like to buy a purse there...I live in a city in Canada that doesn't have a very good selection of bags and I normally have to order from American department stores online...however does anyone know if the sales will still be on? Thanks for any information!!!
  2. I was just there, but the only stuff I saw was the typical Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc. No sales.
  3. It'll be the after Christmas sales ... a lot of luxury stores don't really run promotions like the mass market stores ... but there will probably be some things on sale. Check out Saks (although it tends to be picked over) because they will have their after Christmas sale.

    Designer stores will have their final sales in January. The first round of sales is just starting or have already begun.

    Good luck!
  4. It's really hard to find any good sales on deisgner goods unless you go to an outlet or like a department store like bloomingdales, nordstrom. .etc.
    I highly recommend shopping in Century 21 if your into designer clothing.
    Well I hope you have fun New York.
  5. You should try Woodbury Commons too...
  6. You can look around soho and 5th avenue for upscale bags. Don't miss it even if it's just window shopping/tourism. Macy's herald square has almost the entire 1st floor devoted to handbags, not to mention the wonderful holiday displays.
  7. Ooh, ooh, there is a great place just south of the meatpacking district (I forget the street) called Fisch for the Hip. If you want a Kelly or a Birkin, it is worth the trip. The wall is LINED with them- the most I've ever seen. They're used, but according to shopping guides, they're real. And good deals!
    There is one shopping guide you have to pick up, but I forget the name...I'll look it up when I get home. I'll probably have some places bookmarked that'll help you too.
  8. :yes: Ditto:yes:
  9. Thanks for the all information!!! I guess I should make use of the on-line sales while they still have things in stock!!!