Shopping in Nassau - Bahamas?

  1. So it's still sort of a surprise to me, but I'm apparently going to Nassau Bahamas in April for a week. I hear there's good shopping out there. Anyone been?

  2. I haven't been, but we are taking a cruise in a couple of weeks and Nassau is one of our stops!
    I'd love to hear some shopping places too!!!!
  3. When is a couple of weeks? Maybe we'll run into each other!!
  4. well, it's kind of like a market place set up...a lot of the items are handmade by the sellers...and yes, there a lot of cute little shops where you can buy unique furniture and home decor....and some cute clothes will have fun. There's lots to do there!!!
  5. We will be in port from our cruise there on Thursday, April 12th! When are you going to be there?
  6. If there's any good shopping in Nassau, I have yet to come across it.... There is the straw market, where you can get trinkets galore, and probably a fake ;) bag or two. A lot of people will pester you to braid your hair. Some will try to sell you drugs. We generally don't get off the ship anymore.
  7. There's not as much as they'd have you believe. Bay Street has some jewelry stores--Columbian Emeralds (in every port of call in existence I think), and Solomon's Mines. A few designer shops-Fendi, gucci, Coach, and John Bull which carries a few items from high end designers. The straw market is a bit tacky but you could get a souvenir there. If you have time and energy, walk over the bridge to Atlantis to see the Crystal court shops--Lalique, Versace, Bulgari, Ferragamo, Cartier, and a few I can't recall. We were there 2 yrs ago so it may have changed.
  8. John Bull sells luxury items i.e. david yurman,rolex (in the past,10% less for cash)clothing,cosmetics etc. at a discounted price.There is also Gucci.You can find them in downtown Nassau or in Atlantis Paradise Island.Have fun!
  9. I went there 27 years ago and then about 10 years ago, and honestly, I felt as if time had stood still. Everything was almost exactly the same.

    I didn't find the shopping to be very good, though. It seemed to be mostly straw goods and tee shirts. Although, on my first trip I did buy the most beautiful hand-embroidered table cloth and napkins.

    Have a wonderful time!
  10. yes!! i love nassau! they have the straw market where u can get lots of cool stuff and if you go over the bridge to paradise island to the atlantis they have gucci versace...etc high end shops but i love the straw market lots of unique items there
  11. Oh too bad. I'll be there the following week.
  12. I've never been but would LOVE to go!
  13. Been to Nassau several times - Downtown is great (lil crazy) but they have a Great Gucci store, Coach store and a company named John BUll that gets some fun bags in from time to time - worth seeing - have fun
  14. I don't think the Coach store is there anymore, we drove by it and it looked closed and the "Coach" sign was down.(This was at the end of March)

    But there is Gucci! And at the Crystal Court at Atlantis, as has been noted, there is Gucci, Versace, Ferragamo, Cartier, Bulgari, Lalique, and Cartier, plus several other jewelry shops. At the Marina (Atlantis) there are some beachwear/surf shops, a cosmetics and perfume shop, and some more jewelry, as well as a shop to buy straw goods (The Plait Lady). Have fun!!!
  15. When I was last at the ATlantis..They had a GUCCI and a Versace store...Great shopping!