Shopping in Manhattan

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  1. Hey guys!
    I am planning on doing some shopping tomorrow with my girlfriends in the city. I have to admit I haven't shopped in person in a loooongg time. I have been mostly doing online shopping so I have no idea where to go anymore!

    Any suggestions on an area where there are a lot of great shops that sell Splendid, C&C, velvet, lauren moffatt, and those types of brands??

    and possibly a consignment shop/great vintage shops??

    Please help!!
  2. west village...madison avenue....columbus ave
  3. thanks!!
    any specific shops??
  4. You could try C-21 downtown (between Broadway and Church just south of Fulton across the street from the WTC site). They usually have at least some of those in stock and definitely have a very large discounted contemporary section with similar items (3rd floor). If you are looking for discounted shoes, I highly recommend heading a few blocks north (about 8-10) on Broadway or Church to Anbar shoes located on Reade Street between Broadway and Church on the north side marked only by a little yellow sign. Ask a sales person if there are any red sticker sale shoes left to get the gimongous discounts (they should be downstairs on the back right wall at a minimum) but the entire store should be at least 50% off retail anyway. Those are my two favorites! Wherever you go, have fun!
  5. Century 21 is worth a visit, but you need to have the patience to go through the massive racks of clothes. As for the brands you've mentioned, I'd try Bloomingdales at 59th and lex.
  6. thanks!!

    I am really hoping to get a good shopping experience
  7. can anyone tell me how to find west village? i've been to nyc once but i didn't stray far from soho...
  8. Must check out Atrium for all the premium brand denim, and brands like Ella Moss, etc.

    644 Broadway
    New York NY 10012
    tel: 2124733980

    Also check out stores like Intermix, Barneys NY, and ScoopNYC:

    Big Drop
    174 Spring Street
    New York NY 10012
    tel: 2129664299

    Intermix - Lower Fifth Ave
    125 5th Avenue
    New York NY 10003
    tel: 2125339720

    Intermix - Madison
    1003 Madison Avenue
    New York NY 10021
    tel: 2122497858

    Intermix - West Village
    365 Bleeker
    New York NY 10014
    tel: 2129297180

    Barneys NY
    Madison Avenue
    660 Madison Avenue
    New York NY 10021-8448

    ScoopNYC Soho
    473-475 Broadway (Between Broome and Grand Streets)
    New York, NY 10012

    ScoopNYC West Village
    430 West 14th Street
    New York, NY

    ScoopNYC Uptown
    1273 - 1277 Third Avenue
    New York, NY 10021
  9. randr nailed it! i was going to say intermix and she already had a LIST! you might also want to check out lower east side. foley+corinna is having a sale right now, and right across the street there's shop. which has twinkle, siwy, rebecca minkoff, etc.
  10. I love the west village! THanks everyone!! especially randr.. you've got your shopping down! :smile: hehehe
  11. def go to bloomingdales 59th! it has everything..go straight to the second floor!
  12. INA on prince st is a high end consignment store carrying clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. if you are looking for vintage stores, i suggest walking around ludlow below houston st. there one on rivington and foley and corinna sell some vintage items...i love everything from that store. i think if you googled vintage stores in nyc you'll be able to find more. have fun shopping as there's a bit of everything in the city!!
    century 21 is a best place to start and you should go early to avoid the crowds.
  13. You never know what you'll find on any particular day, but there are lots of charity thrift shops in Manhattan that get great donations. Housing Works has many stores, New York City Opera is on 23rd St. btw Second and Third Avenues, one Housing Works store is on 23rd St btw Third and Lexington; one Housing Works store is on West 17th Street, I believe, and across the street is Angel Thrift Shop. If you can get hold of a Manhattan Yellow Pages, I'm guessing the charity thrift shops may be listed there. Or you can do a google search. There are also thrift shops on the upper east and upper west side.