Shopping in London

  1. Depends on the brand. Also you'll find that sometimes the same item will be different prices in Euro depending where you buy as there are different rates of tax. Eg The price of Hermes in Stockholm or Vienna will be higher than Paris. The UK should be cheaper for French and Italian brands in theory, but because the European brands haven't caught up with the curency fluctuations and you will have to buy more expensive pounds, it can actually be cheaper to buy in mainland Europe. It will very likely be cheaper to but British brands like Burberrys and Mulberry in London. I shop in the UK and France and I just check on line who has what at what price, that's when tPF comes in handy (sometimes just tracking something down is the biggest concern though).

    Just in case you don't realise London and Amsterdam are capital cities whereas Luxembourg is a whole country, it's small but it's still a country :biggrin:
  2. The exchange shops around Notting hill gate station have plenty of designer stuff at bargain prices.
  3. when Harrods goes on sale, what type of items is it? do they have big designer name bags and shoes (CL, Prada, Givenchy, etc etc) or is it more contemporary designers?
  4. When I have been discounts apply throughout the store. Certain brands (Hermes for example) are not generally discounted.
  5. When is the sale season in London and Harrods? Anyone know?
  6. It's an interesting thing to shopping in London.
  7. The summer sales in London are just finishing now, they start around June/July time. And then you have Boxing Day sales (which started on the 21st December in some places! :thinking:)