Shopping in London

  1. ...will be there next week. What should I know about shopping for a bag there? Any recommendations on where to go? What's the deal with the VAT?

  2. Regarding the VAT question, when you go to the store, and you are making the purchase, you have to fill the form then and there. then, at the airport on your return (the check-in desk will tell you where to go), you can get your refund. That can really knock down the price (just look at how buying from LVR is cheap thanks to VAT reductions).

    As for where to shop, there is another thread on that. Just look up tanner krolle and you'll find it.

    Enjoy your trip! :smile:
  3. Places like Selfridge's pretty much do all the paperwork for you. I think there is some minimum purchase amount you need to buy a day in order to have it done. Therefore, plan your purchases accordingly so that you buy all you want at one location one day to save time. You don't get all the VAT back because the processing company gets a cut. I think you get 12% out of 15% back or something. Oh, also, remember to ask them to put the refund on your credit card, otherwise, you will end up getting a check in foreign currency. It took my credit card company 2 billing cycles at least to post the credit.

    That's all I can think of right now. Hope it helps.
  4. remember that the sterling rate is bad against the dollar so you might get caught on that
  5. I adore Harvey Nicks!
  6. You will need you passport!! It works for collective purchases of 100pounds and over. When you pass security at the airport, someone will check you have the goods and stamp your forms, then you pop them in the mailbox around the corner and your done. Unfortunately you will get ripped on the exchange rate, so make sure it is something you really can't get at home. For reasonably priced, fun clothes and shoes, go to NEW LOOK, Oxford street, walk up towards Bond street from there, all the fun shops are there and Selfridges, Bond street has all the designer stores. PM me if you want a map. It is still cold here, so pack layers.
  7. It's usually not worth to buy what you already can buy in the US because the exchange rate is so bad. Even during sale season, I found things going for over the US retail price. Do you calculations carefully and be very aware of the retail prices.
  8. Thanks to everyone for reminding me about the exchange rate and VAT hassle in customs - I will buy only if I fall in love :heart: with something I can't get in the US.

    LVAddict, thanks for the weather tip - I guess I won't get to wear any cute little skirts. :sad: I'll pack lots of jeans and fleece.
  9. I have pulled out my skirts a few times this year, so far...but, today was pretty cold..I hope it warms up for you! But hey, even if it doesn't, you will love it! And London is not supposed to be bright and sunny anyway, it's part of the charm:rolleyes: Enjoy.
  10. Tell me about it , I lived there for years and I don't think I ever put away my winter stuff!! Still, she'll always have a special place in my heart.:love:
  11. Have a fantastic time shopping there, :love: Love:heart: Love:love: Love London!

    Can't wait to go back! So many great places to shop, We had a phenomenal time in Selfridges and Harrods. Where are you staying once you arrive?
  12. I'll be out on the southwest coast (north Devon) for most of the time, but we are spending two days in London at the end of next week. That's why I was curious about where to much as I love to do it, I won't have a lot of time for aimless wandering. I'm thinking maybe some shopping in Covent Garden - my son wants to go to the Doc Martens shop - but I'd hate to miss Harrods.

    MKP, I just love your username!
  13. U can also get ure refund as cash instead of using ure credit card. Thats what I do. You get the refund at the airport after checking all the papers!

    it takes them longer to refund on credit card and checks or at least that was my experience!
  14. I'm going to London in October, I've been there lots of times before but I never seem to find the really good stores. I need your help! :yes:
    Of course there's Selfridges and Harvey Nicks. And Bond and Sloane street where I have to go to Jimmy Choo and visit my fave SA Emma! But where else do I need to go?
    Is Marc Jacobs far from these places?

  15. Harrods is good to go to as well. very often they have styles/ designs that the others dont have... specially with handbags and perfumes...