Shopping in Las Vegas

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  1. I do like the Paddington... i think i'm in love actually! Where can I look at them? I took a look on eluxury, to no avail! :cry: The LVs that eye've been eyeballing are the canvas Hudson, Manhatten GM, Speedy and Papillon. ALthough I Think Ilike the Papillon better than the Speedy. I love the buckle details though of the Hudson & Manhatten. I've looked at the damier collection & like the Ribera, Uzes... [​IMG]and Broadway... [​IMG]
  2. And... what is a neo purse addict to do for matching wallets?
  3. Ahh Vegas! My fondest memory of Vegas is buying my first LV there about 2 years ago. The shopping is unfreakingbelievable:lol:
  4. That's where I got my first LV too. In fact most of my LV's are from Vegas! :biggrin:
  5. I was just in Vegas last month, and it has the most incredible shopping. We stayed at the Bellagio, and there are a lot of great shops there: Armani, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Chanel (I believe), etc. Then, the Caesar's Palace Forum shops are v. close. Oh, it was heaven on earth. Anything I could ever want was there: Versace, Nanette Lepore, LV, Gucci, Valentino...
  6. Hmmm... I really like the Paddington... haven't thought about Chanel... I go to Vegas 1 or 2 times a year, and this is what Icame back with last year when i went for my bachelorette party... [​IMG]and the matching wristlet. Since I was getting married, I chose the ivory.... I'm trying to venture outside the comfort zone, however... there are some VERY cute Coach bags out right now...
  7. WHere can I find the Paddington in different colors? What is the quality of the Balenciaga bags? ANd what do you ladies know about Fendi, Baenciaga and Marc Jacobs in terms of quality & such.. especially these.... Marc Jacobs-[​IMG] Fendi- [​IMG] and [​IMG] (love it but can't afford $2150) and Balenciaga [​IMG]
  8. In regards to Marc Jacobs- He makes several types of leathers..I only buy the softer leather-I like a bag that has a little check out the different styles.Fendi-again,the softer the leather ..the better!You have to try each bag in proportion to your size and height and see what is comfy.Also-Prada just came out with the MOST amazing deerskin leather frame bags in the sizes you were showing-I am biased because I adore Prada the most!Look online at the pictures of each bag-I go to and to look for pictures of my next big buy!
  9. hahaha! A must!
  10. Paddingtons are pretty much the most popular bags by Chloe, they often have waitlists and fly out of the stores, so it's unusual to ever see a selection of them in different colors in any one store.

    But since I live in Vegas I can tell you a good place to look is Corsa Collections. It's in Ceasar's Forum shops. They carry just all different designers' bags and have a pretty great selection. I was in there last week and they had the large Paddington in whiskey (the large has an extra zipper compartment on the bottom). And a Paddington hobo in silver. And they had tons of other Chloe, lots of silverados in different colors and sizes and shapes.

    But they also carry bags from Marc Jacobs, Luella, Rafe, Kooba, Longchamps, BE&D, Isabella Fiore, just loads of designers.

    And they have wallets, travel bags, any kind of accessory you could want.
  11. Jaffa & Jilltheory.. .THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tips! I am so excited! :smile:
  12. ok... i am a noub.....
    any special reason for the LVs from Vegas... or is it you
    could not get it closer to home ??
    I had to ask...

  13. Sales tax in Vegas is high, if you don't have a store near you and in a state with low sales tax, you should call and have them send the purse to you...I think LV has no shipping over $3K.

    For example, I was in Chicago where sales tax in the city is 9.25% and where I live it's only 5%...with free shipping and the item being pretty costly, I saved $150. Silly I know, I want to save a few bucks when spending thousands...but that's my cost saving technique.
  14. if you want to see lots of different designers, and some of the smaller and innovative designers as well such as Kooba, Botkier, Rafe, etc. head over to Corsa, it is a handbag store in the Forum Shops (Caeser's) will have a great time. From Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Marc Jacobs all the way to European cutting edge designers. Have fun, it's a blast to shop there!
  15. thanks...
    I know reading the threads here .. some people are saying you spend so much for a purse what is another $25.00, etcc... or so..

    but I guess in my case..... it is still 25.00 saved .... so I am
    the oddball here !

    ps. (how can you tell I am trying to save for LV !!)