Shopping in Las Vegas


Feb 22, 2006
Hi Ladies... I'm new to the site, have ALWAYS loved purses, but can now only begin to afford my fetish! :nuts: I'm tall, so designer clothes don't work! *lol* I own a few Coach purses, other quality purses and some just trendy. I am leaving for Vegas next weekend and want to SHOP! I want to get a nice designer bag or 2, something that is timeless. Many a friend have suggested an LV, although beautiful-- it is my fall back designer, I would like to find something a bit different. I'm looking for fashionable, yet timeless... and definitely the value! WHERE DO I START???!?!
I'm not an expert on Vegas shopping but I know lots of ladies here will give you great advice on where to go.

Welcome to the boards, and have a fabulous time in Vegas! Tell us all about it and post your new treasures. ;)
Yes.. i love fashion, but being a bigger girl... purses are about it! :amuse: But I'm always looking for the deal/sale/value/find! I'd love to shop online, but I don't know enough about the authentic bags.. so i'm afraid to purchase from re-sellers on line... do to the fact that I would be greatly overpaying for a fake!
I agree Chanel or LV are great timeless choices. You can find something fun let classy. I go to Vegas a few times a year and the shopping is great! I heard the LV at the Wynn is nice, but haven't seen it yet. Hope you have a great time!
Yes... i guess there's a reason why I keep drifting off to the LV website! Chanel... hmmm, didn't think of that... and a Paddington, excuse my ignorance.... what might that be? DO they have a store out in Vegas?
Mindblowing said:
..and a Paddington, excuse my ignorance.... what might that be? DO they have a store out in Vegas?

My first thought when I read this was 'aaaah, bless'. Its cute that you don't know, but you probably have seen it before. Its the Chloe Paddington - looks like this:



1grenat.jpg .

Just a few examples.
Hey there! Welcome to the forum! I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning. I go at least 5 times a year. The shopping at the Forum shops is AMAZING if you want to look at designer boutiques. The Bellagio has a few shops (Prada, Fendi, Chanel, Hermes and a few others), The Wynn has LV, Chanel, Dior, Cartier. Then, across from the Wynn is the Fashion Show Mall. It's great! They have a NM, Saks, Nordy's and a small LV boutique as well.

For Outlets, go to the Fashion Premium Outlets (I think that's what it's called) off of Charleston which is downtown. There's a Coach Outlet there.

You can PM me if you want to ask anymore questions.

Hope you have fun. I'm counting the hours!!! ha ha!
jilltheory said:
Welcome! Vegas is awesome to shop!( and dangerous to my bank account...!!)
Go to Prada in Vegas-They have a good selection..and all the new bags just started coming in

Tell me about it!! HAHA. :biggrin: :biggrin:
I live in Vegas and it does major damage to my wallet.
However, you can usually find some things that are hard to find in vegas than in LA...
Hey-if you go to Vegas and go to Neimans...there is a sales girl in shoes named Ruby...(.I am a shoe collector too)...anyway..she is way helpful . I order my stuff from Vegas and live in Jersey!Better selection...
I adore brandname shopping in Vegas! The salespeople are extra friendly and it's rare to get the snottty attitude from them, since Vegas is a pretty relaxed place.

LV is at the Caesar's and the Wynn
Chanel is at Bellagio
Burberry is at a lot of places including the Venetian
The Forum Shops at Caesar's also has a Juicy store, and it's a pretty cute shopping place in general.

Have lots of fun and eat at Buchon (in the Venezia Tower of the Venetian) for dinner one night. It's to die for!
I've been going to Vegas every year for the last 14 years. It's a great place to shop! Addicted gave you all the great spots to shop. You also want to check out the Judith Leiber shop in the Bellagio. The handles on the door to enter the store are handbags... lol. Have a great time and post pics of your goodies!!!