Shopping in LA

  1. I will be at a conference at the LA Convention Center from 1-4 November and will be staying at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel. The converence organizers have attanged for shuttle busses between the convention center and the hotels, so I will not be renting a car.

    Is there any good shopping close by?

  2. You will be whats known here as the "downtown area"...

    There is a whole mall and lots of resturants right there..... but since I am not familar with your hotel location..if you ask the lobby of your hotel, they will point you there. Its very very close...I bet it is w/i walking distance...they also have the Diamond & Jewlery district right there...but thats further downtown and it is not a great area...:yes: Oh and a great resturant near there is the "Palm" if you like steak and seafood......

    But the real "Designer" shopping is in Beverly Hills...about 40 min or so locally away....there should be infos in your hotel lobby of scheduled sightseeing tours there..It would be great if you had a rental so that you can just take Wilshire Blvd. straight down to BH....:smile: Happy Shopping!!!!!!
  3. Try and make it to Rodeo Drive, shopping there is great!! I was there with my dd last weekend and had a great time.
  4. Some places I love: West Third (awesome boutiques), Robertson Blvd, Abbot Kinney Blvd, and Main St in Santa Monica. Some of those are a bit of a drive, but totally worth it!
  5. Yes, I would try to make it to Rodeo drive and also, Robertson Blvd (My FAVORITE STREET) which is near the Beverly Center. The Grove on Fairfax and third is also a good place (near the Farmer's market). They are all in the same area.
  6. indeed -even though you wont be very close, you should make it out to beverly hills and west LA -rodeo drive and robertson blvd are fun places to shop (only about 10/15 mins apart) and theres tons of great restaurants around there too!! have fun in LA! its still nice out... hasnt chilled down THAT much (even though it's raining today!)
  7. Me too, those are my favorite places. Now i'm missing them:sad:
  8. Rodeo Drive, baby ;)
  9. I really liked Robertson...Kitson, Lisa Kline and Madison were there

    I still order online from these places!